Car Wallpaper allow customization to paint colors

"I have a number of paint colors chosen for the nursery, but I think one of your wallpaper patterns so much. Just have other colors. Can you maybe change the color of the wallpaper so that the paint suits? " The question I often get from clients. And fortunately, the answer is yes! However, there are a few things that you should consider.  

Paint and wallpaper is rendered differently

Some time ago a customer asked me to our car wallpaper  to color the tones Dix Blue, Green and Blue Pale Powder paint brand Farrow & Ball. Now I myself happen to be a big fan of Farrow & Ball - the beautiful shades of gray I love that - and so I loved going there to get started. Now you might think that's just a matter of what color nummertjes adjust my drawing, but unfortunately that does not so simple. Paint Colors and prints are totally different composition. With paint, various pigments mixed while the printing of only four (very different) colors will be built: cyan (light blue), magenta (bright pink), yellow and black. A reliable conversion formula is unfortunately not. Now it is also true that a paint sample never 100% corresponds to the final result on the wall. Underground, the structure of the paint and lighting namely also play a role. But rarely the colors on screen match the printed result.

Three wallpaper proofs

Many paint manufacturers now have their colors are online, but do not provide the ' digital paint samples ' not the right picture of the true color. For good results, so I prefer to work with a physical sample. This customer sent me even a few painted pieces of paper, which is very nice, because I could take the real paint as a starting point. Then I tried to color to imitate as much as possible in the computer and showed me a first proof. And oh my ... what a difference! Bright colors and aging are always harder than dark or bright colors. Because so little pigment in it, save a small percentage deviation immediately very much in the final result. But still: This test could I do as a starting point for a new trial, in which I tried a lot of nuances. And finally the 3rd proof, the right colors were there! Or at least, the colors very close to the B & B colors came. Because actually, if I'm honest, a true 100% match is almost unfeasible  


color proof wallpaper customized with paint

Beautiful matched result

Well, some proofs, because you have to keep in mind if you really want a certain color. That also means that the whole process takes a little longer than usual wallpaper production. Expect a week or 2 to 3 extra. And of course cost the proofs - as is the custom in itself - some extra. How much, depends of course entirely on your needs and how close you want to approach the color. But then you have a very well coordinated outcome! Despite my earlier warning about the 100% match. Because actually you see that any little color difference usually only when you print and paint very close together holds the same light. The room itself is usually completely gone. After all, on all sides, you have a different light. Even when all the walls painted the same color, then one wall will look lighter or darker due to the light. And ' in the morning is also different than ' evening. And that's with wallpaper as  

nursery outcome customized car wallpaper with paint colors Farrow & Ball

More information

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