Paste Wall Stickers: a piece of cake

All wall stickers are all neatly machined cut for you. You do wall stickers so only stick back. And that's a piece of cake, because the stickers easily and without air bubbles stick with its light texture. Good to know: You can even repeatedly paste it to another place


- Wall Sticker

- Wall Stickerspatula or soft clean cloth


The wall stickers can be stuck on many surfaces. Just make sure the surface is clean, grease-free, dry and flat. Freshly painted walls 2 weeks to dry.

Unlike many other wall stickers, wall stickers continue our very good on doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, glass fiber wallpaper, wallpaper and painted walls. Even on a substrate with light fabric wall sticker stays (granola and ornamental stucco with structure is usually too coarse however). And also easy to remove them again! Questions about your foundation? We like to think with you!

Note:some (extra) schrobvaste wall paint of the latest generation contain silicone. These arenotsuitable substrate for wall stickers! The silicone namely react with the adhesive so that bubbles can not form and the wall may peel off sticker. Check the package of the paint composition or ask the paint supplier. Also a surface with PVC incorporated therein or hardboard not recommended. Stainless steel metal, and is possible, if not degreased with an agent that contains silicones.

Wall Sticker material

The sticker is printed on a non-permanent self-adhesive plastic, with lightweight mat structure. Because the wall sticker has a matte appearance, the sticker looks chic from. Wall sticker colors are nice and bright. Also, finely: The sticker is printed with water-based ink, so that there is subsequently no toxic substances can be released. Good to know the environment and the nursery! The wall stickers are so safe that they even meet the hygiene requirements of hospitals. Also, our wall stickers water-resistant and can therefore be cleaned easily.

The stick wall sticker

Determine the best location for the first component. Then, carefully pull the part peel. For large wall stickers is convenient to do so with his 2s. Paste than the first portion loosely at the wall ironing, and from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside in order to remove any air bubbles. Is the wall sticker still not at the desired location, remove it gently and then try again. Is the wall sticker once properly, pressure. This can be best done with a special wall sticker spatula feltside. A clean soft cloth is also possible. Rub thereby again from the inside to the outside. Stick the other components in place. In our big trees stand wall sticker letters on the sheet so you can see where the branches to connect on the tree.

Make with the other components an original composition or follow the provided example.


bonding of large components make it even easier, you first cut out the part a bit from the cutting contour of the sheet. Then you get a small piece of foil from the top and stick the sticker material as loosely on the wall. Then pull on the back the foil loosely, you terijl rub the sticker on the wall.

Latest designs

Wall decorations Illustration Cat on wood block

Illustration of cat and mouse pressed solid wood block. Cute as wandddecoratie in living room, nursery or nursery. Also of art for gift giving!
Price: €34,95 1 pieces

Tractor wallpaper for boys

Original tractor wallpaper for a cool boy's room. Super cute for your jongensbaby- or toddler room.
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters

Hanging lamp car Citroen DS

Tough lamp of vintage Citroen DS cars on turquoise background. Nice for the cool boys room!
Price: €89,95 1 pieces


Wall decal tree jungle basic XL - customize yourself

Create your own wall sticker tree with these basic Jungle tree! Choose yourself what animals or flowers you want to expand the tree. For boys and girls!
Price: €87,50 1 pieces

Wallpaper walvisjes pink green

Whale wallpaper in soft yet spicy colors for a cheerful girl's bedroom or nursery. Your daughter loves little whales? Make her happy with this wallpaper!
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters

Amsterdam delft blue wallpaper with additional options

The most beautiful children's wallpaper from the city of Amsterdam in Delft blue. Dutch canal houses, possibly tailored to your wall. Check it out here!
Price: €289,95 11 m2

Wall decal set 4 canal houses delft blue

Large wall decal set of four Amsterdam canal houses in delft blue. Create an original nursery or child's room with a Dutch street on the wall.
Price: €134,95 1 pieces

Wall Sticker Formula 1 racing cars circuit XL with

Super large wall sticker of a Formula 1 circuit racing cars controlled by funny animals. Fun for the boys nursery or toddler room!
Price: €74,95 1 pieces

Pattern wallpaper car denim blue boys room

Car wallpaper with retro cars in denim blue tones, very tough for the boys room!
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters