Frequently asked questions about our wallpaper


If you have questions after reading these chapters? Please feel free to contact us.


How does it works: How does ordering wallpaper with altered size work?

You can order all our wall murals in standard size (indicated with the product) or in an altered size. Would you like us to take the dimensions of your wall into account? Then click the design concerned, fill in the dimensions, place your order in the shopping cart, and complete your payment. You will receive a digital sample within 3 work days. You can add changes to this sample in a maximum of 2 correction rounds*.  Once you’re happy with the design, the wallpaper will be printed. Subsequently you will receive the wallpaper within approximately 2 weeks.

Would you like us to take the place of a furniture piece (a bed, commode, cupboard or two small furniture pieces), a dormer or a sloping ceiling into account? Then in the Remarks section, describe where you would like to place the furniture and what its dimensions are. You can also send us an email with a situation sketch. Everything else will proceed as described above.

We are also able to alter the colours of every wallpaper design. You can send us a colour sample (such as a paint or fabric sample) through regular mail. We will subsequently try to process these colours in the design as well as possible. Because print ink has a different colour composition than paint, we can approach the colours very closely, however we cannot guarantee that the colours will be exactly the same.


What is the quality of the wallpaper?

Our wallpaper is an exceptionally high quality non-woven wallpaper. It is therefore much easier to attach than for example vinyl wallpaper. Besides, with this wallpaper you don’t apply the adhesive to the wallpaper itself, but to the wall. The width of the strips is 50 cm, which also makes it easier to attach. After printing, the wallpaper undergoes treatment which makes it more firm and (even) less likely to rip. The wallpaper is printed at a professional wallpaper printer, with environmentally friendly ink, making the colours bright, sparkling and lightfast. All our wallpaper is FSC and Oekotex certified. 


How it works: How is the wallpaper delivered?

Wall murals are delivered on a long roll. The strips are numbered, so you can easily see where a new one begins and which strip goes where. Instructions are included as well.

Rolls of pattern wallpaper are delivered on rolls of 9 meters of contiguous pattern (unless otherwise indicated with the product concerned).


Why is wallpaper with an altered size more expensive than the wallpaper with a standard size?

Wallpaper with a standard size is already print-ready at the producer and doesn’t need processing before it is printed. If you order wallpaper with an altered size, then it has to be prepared to be printed first. Due to this, the preparation and printing costs are higher. In addition, we also spend a lot of time on the wallpaper before it goes to the printer. As opposed to other suppliers who create customized wall murals we don’t just cut off the design or scale it, we make sure the entire design fits perfectly on your specific wall. So we move the illustration around until a beautiful, carefully composed composition arises. Subsequently we send you a digital sample, after which there is still room for corrections.


What is the delivery time?

For wallpaper with standard sizes, a delivery time of approximately 1 to 1.5 week applies. 

If you order customized wallpaper, then you will first receive a digital sample within 3 workdays. If the sample is as desired, the wallpaper is printed and it will be sent to your home within 2 weeks. So for customized work, hold a processing time of at least 2.5 to 3 weeks into account.
Wall decals are usually in stock and are sent within 1 to 2 work days. You can find the current delivery time on the product page.

For walldecals and other products the delivery time is approximately 2 - 5 days. See the delivery time on each product page. 

Note that most of our products are produced after we have received your order. 


Is it possible to order custom wall decals or other custom made products?

Yes you can! We customize all our wall decalls and make it the size or colour you want. We can also design other products for you as bith announcement card, birth announcement sign, curains, bedding, wall decoration and so on. Please ask a quotation or see our Customization page for ideas.


May I use a design of Perron 11 for something I would like to make or have made myself, for example a birth announcement card, birth announcement sign, poster, website, logo etc.?

Unfortunately, you may not. Copyright rests on all our designs and thus also on the designs of our wallpaper, wallpaper trees, and wall decals. But we are happy to design a bith announcement card, birth announcement sign, poster, website, logo etc. for you! See the question above. 

However, if you would like to use our images for editorial purposes on your blog or in the media, of course we will always give you permission to do so, provided that the name of Perron 11 is mentioned and there’s an (online) referral to our website.


How do I calculate how much wallpaper I need?

Divide the width of the wall through 50 centimetres and round this number up. Then you will know how many strips you need. Subsequently, measure the height of the wall and add the pattern repeat (the height of the pattern) to that. Divide the length of the roll through this number and then you will know how many strips you can yield from one roll.


Can I cancel or return my order?

Of course you can! You have the right to cancel the order up to 14 days after receipt without statement of reason. After cancellation you have another 14 days to return the product. You will then get a refund of the complete order amount including delivery charges. Only the costs for the return shipment to the webstore are for your own account. If you use your right of withdrawal, the product will be returned to the entrepreneur with all included items and – if reasonably possible – in its original state and packaging. In order to use this right, you can contact us through Subsequently we will redeposit the indebted order amount within 14 days after the registration of your return shipment, provided that we have already received the product in good order.

Read more about returning your order


Secure Payment

All our payment methods are safe and once per order. They do not create obligations in the future. Perron 11 does not debit orders.


As an additional service, we have the ability to pay afterwards. So you pay the bill until you have the order at home. This invoice is sent by Afterpay once we do the package at the post.  

AfterPay carries our full retrospective payment process. This means that you have a digital invoice AfterPay receive an e-mail to pay the purchased product (s). You can pay via Afterpay from € 10 -   an amount of € 250 - if you pay for the first time via AfterPay. Already known to AfterPay please pay   an amount of € 350, -. To approve your request to pay AfterPay performs a data check. AfterPay has a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event your request for payment is authorized, you can of course pay the purchase product with a different payment method. You can always ask to contact AfterPay. For more information please refer to the consumer part of the AfterPay website.

Latest designs

Wall decorations Illustration Cat on wood block

Illustration of cat and mouse pressed solid wood block. Cute as wandddecoratie in living room, nursery or nursery. Also of art for gift giving!
Price: €34,95 1 pieces

Tractor wallpaper for boys

Original tractor wallpaper for a cool boy's room. Super cute for your jongensbaby- or toddler room.
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters

Hanging lamp car Citroen DS

Tough lamp of vintage Citroen DS cars on turquoise background. Nice for the cool boys room!
Price: €89,95 1 pieces


Wall decal tree jungle basic XL - customize yourself

Create your own wall sticker tree with these basic Jungle tree! Choose yourself what animals or flowers you want to expand the tree. For boys and girls!
Price: €87,50 1 pieces

Wallpaper walvisjes pink green

Whale wallpaper in soft yet spicy colors for a cheerful girl's bedroom or nursery. Your daughter loves little whales? Make her happy with this wallpaper!
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters

Amsterdam delft blue wallpaper with additional options

The most beautiful wallpaper mural from the city of Amsterdam in Delft blue. Dutch canal houses with a choice of additional illustrations. Create your own city!
Price: €289,95 11 m2

Wall decal set 4 canal houses delft blue

Large wall decal set of four Amsterdam canal houses in delft blue. Create an original nursery or child's room with a Dutch street on the wall.
Price: €134,95 1 pieces

Wall Sticker Formula 1 racing cars circuit XL with

Super large wall sticker of a Formula 1 circuit racing cars controlled by funny animals. Fun for the boys nursery or toddler room!
Price: €74,95 1 pieces

Pattern wallpaper car denim blue boys room

Car wallpaper with retro cars in denim blue tones, very tough for the boys room!
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters