Paste instructions non-woven wallpaper (wall mural and pattern wallpaper)



- recommended wallpaper adhesive: Perfax Roll On (powder) or Perfax Ready & Roll Non-Woven (ready-to-use)

- wallpaper adhesive roller with a stick to apply the adhesive to the wall

- Wallpaper pressure roller, or a clean soft cloth

- A clean table or a paste table (not necessarily needed) to cut the strips

Please note: do NOT use a wallpapering machine or sharp tools like a wallpaper spatula!


The characterisations of the wallpaper

Our wallpaper is digitally printed on high quality non-woven wallpaper. This has a few advantages:

- it is considerably easier to attach than vinyl wallpaper
- it is considerably stronger than normal vinyl wallpaper
- it doesn’t contain environmentally and health burdening substances and is biodegradable.
- it can be removed dry later, provided that it is processed with the right adhesive.


A roll of wallpaper

With wall murals, the decor comprises multiple strips which are included in one roll. All strips are numbered at the upper side. These rolls have to be applied in the right order from left to right. Usually, the next strip is rotated 180 degrees. Thereby every possible difference in colour is avoided.

A roll of pattern wallpaper usually is 9 meters long (unless indicated otherwise). Depending on the height of the wall, one roll will yield an average of 3 strips. Measure the wall and add the height of the pattern (pattern repeat) to know what length to cut the strips at.



Before you start to process it, check the wall decoration for possible errors or flaws. Cut the strips and check whether they fit well. Unfortunately, we cannot take back processed rolls.

The surface must be dry, smooth, clean, and evenly absorbent. Thoroughly remove old wallpaper (wallpapering over old wallpaper definitely doesn’t give a good result!). Smooth possible raw surfaces and inaccuracies and close holes. Take into account that with decors with a light basis, colour deviations in the surface might shine trough. Therefore, for the best result it’s better to remove these first by whitening the wall evenly. Let recently plastered walls dry first, until they are evenly white and prime them with wallpaper adhesive (see adhesive package).



For the best result, use Perfax Roll-On wallpaper adhesive or Ready & Roll Non-woven. Prepare the adhesive according to the instructions on the package.

Evenly divide the adhesive on the wall by using a roller, and apply the adhesive over a width of a little more than one strip. If the wall doesn’t absorb too much, you could add the adhesive for a maximum of 3 strips at a time. After that, apply the first (dry!) strip to the glued wall. Be sure to attach it perpendicular, for example by means of a lead cord (available in wallpaper stores or DIYs). Gently press the strip with a gummi roller or a soft cloth to remove possible bubbles. Add all following strips joint to joint. Carefully cut possible leftover pieces at the bottom and/or top of the strips with a sharp utility knife.

Immediately remove possible glue spots with a wet sponge, pad them dry. Afterwards you can remove remaining glue spots with a clean, moist cloth.

Note: carefully read the instructions above before you start and use the correct wallpaper adhesive. Use of other adhesive other than specifically meant for non-woven wallpaper, or the abovementioned adhesive mixed with other types of adhesive may give unexpected results. We only offer guarantee if the instructions and adhesive advice have been followed correctly.


Latest designs

Wall decorations Illustration Cat on wood block

Illustration of cat and mouse pressed solid wood block. Cute as wandddecoratie in living room, nursery or nursery. Also of art for gift giving!
Price: €34,95 1 pieces

Tractor wallpaper for boys

Original tractor wallpaper for a cool boy's room. Super cute for your jongensbaby- or toddler room.
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters

Hanging lamp car Citroen DS

Tough lamp of vintage Citroen DS cars on turquoise background. Nice for the cool boys room!
Price: €89,95 1 pieces


Wall decal tree jungle basic XL - customize yourself

Create your own wall sticker tree with these basic Jungle tree! Choose yourself what animals or flowers you want to expand the tree. For boys and girls!
Price: €87,50 1 pieces

Wallpaper walvisjes pink green

Whale wallpaper in soft yet spicy colors for a cheerful girl's bedroom or nursery. Your daughter loves little whales? Make her happy with this wallpaper!
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters

Amsterdam delft blue wallpaper with additional options

The most beautiful children's wallpaper from the city of Amsterdam in Delft blue. Dutch canal houses, possibly tailored to your wall. Check it out here!
Price: €289,95 11 m2

Wall decal set 4 canal houses delft blue

Large wall decal set of four Amsterdam canal houses in delft blue. Create an original nursery or child's room with a Dutch street on the wall.
Price: €134,95 1 pieces

Wall Sticker Formula 1 racing cars circuit XL with

Super large wall sticker of a Formula 1 circuit racing cars controlled by funny animals. Fun for the boys nursery or toddler room!
Price: €74,95 1 pieces

Pattern wallpaper car denim blue boys room

Car wallpaper with retro cars in denim blue tones, very tough for the boys room!
Price: €92,50 1 roll(s) of 9 meters