Tips for a fun unisex nursery

Do you not know if you expect a boy or girl? It is quite difficult to set up the nursery during pregnancy. Lots of wallpaper, wall stickers and nursery accessories are in fact very specific for a girl or boy. How do you point the baby's room so that's that cozy, intimate room is what you dream of, but which is also suitable for both girl and boy  

A children's room with theme, do not you?

A nursery decorating with a theme, is that a good idea? It is not too crowded or over-the-top? No, it really does not. Especially when you take into account these tips. Indeed, a theme room is all now

Interview with illustrator Eline Krus

subject a few years made an illustrator foxes Red Riding Hood. I spoke with her about her work and you want to show what she is now.

Kids Trends 2019

You may know her from her inspirational blog on interiors Interior Twin. Ilse van Wijk Elle blogger and influencer in interior design and interior design consultant. For her work she often with young families at home. I talked to her, among other the following year nursery trends and setting up a play area in your living room.

Interview with illustrator Eileen Boeijkens

A few years ago Eileen Boeijkens made as internship some wallpaper and wall stickers for Perron 11, including the mural It Kampeerbos. Now she is working as a freelance illustrator nice on the road and make them together with her boyfriend Max Peterse beautiful animations. High time to talk to her and when you show her new work.

Kids Inspiration walvisjes in the boys room

Whales are a very nice theme for the nursery. And yes, & oacute; & oacute; k for the boys room. I scoured the Internet looking for nice nursery accessories whales Netherlandish designers. I found many fun accessories that fit perfectly with my new whale whale wallpaper and wall stickers to make your whale nursery or toddler room complete. In addition, I also found a wonderful bed! You see it all in this mood board.  

Car Wallpaper allow customization to paint colors

"I have a number of paint colors chosen for the nursery, but I think one of your wallpaper patterns so much. Just have other colors. Can you maybe change the color of the wallpaper so that the paint suits? " The question I often get from clients. And fortunately, the answer is yes! However, there are a few things that you should consider.  

How much wallpaper rolls I need

Do you find it difficult to determine how much wallpaper rolls you need? Of course you do not get too many, but certainly not too little at home. For reordering can always, but then you have unfortunately indeed likely to color difference. To avoid mistakes in the steps below, and the convenient calculation tool!

Five tips for a quiet nursery with wallpaper

Are you crazy wallpaper with a nice PCB, but you're afraid the nursery thus becomes too crowded? With these tips you can even with a busy wallpaper PCB maintain peace in the nursery!

Wallpaper designs for my own teenage daughter

My daughter is nearly 13 and sits at the end of her first year in high school. And what has she changed since they left primary school! Grown. Not only in length but also in actions. So a while ago came the long awaited remark: "Mom, my room how it is now, really can not." So mom hit the designs. Mission: Teen girl wallpaper for my own


Pregnant? When you start at the nursery?

Are you just a few months pregnant and have the baby room certainly in order? Whether you wait quietly until you leave? When are you going to redecorate the nursery and what is actually the ideal time to do that?

Will your children's room of the year?

Do you have children in your product   Perron 11 and you're proud of the result? Then take part in the election ' Perron 11 children of the year ' and win a great prize! Wondering how you're playing and what you can win? Then read on!

New construction: what do you do with the walls?


Is your new house completed soon, then you are faced with a choice: what to do with the walls? Often, the walls will be delivered 'ready to wallpaper. That sounds easy: like wallpapered out and ready you might think. But mostly disappointing. Wallpaper Ready generally means that there is still best to be done to the walls before they are flat enough to decorate.

Kids Trends: 2018 colors

A few more days and then again we begin a new year: 2018! High time to see what the trends are in nursery establishment and what colors we can expect. We make it a series. Here is part one: color trends 2018


Kids Inspiration: yellow as an accent color

As I write it out for a few days really autumnal. Secretly I long for good summer weather! Unfortunately, we have little influence on whether the sun is shining or not. So we get the sun in! And that may very well with the color yellow! Yellow is back with a vengeance and all over again now, especially as an accent color in baby and children's bedrooms!

Dark colors in the nursery, how do you do that?

You see them crop up more often lately in the interior: dark colors like brown, gray, blue and green are back hip & happening! But how do you apply these colors to your baby or child? We asked interior designer Melanie Parker Zwanziger Pluck Styling.

Just a little different than usual: pig nursery with wallpaper

Tamara wanted a baby room that 'little bit different than otherwise. " And we believe them as extremely successful. The pig wallpaper and ocher and pale pink accents they made it really special nursery. Wondering how to tackle this? Read on!

Bohemian style: an adventurous and colorful interiors

Do you find it fun to combine many different colors, patterns, materials and accessories with each other? Then the bohemian style might be something for you. We are in any case quite happy! But how do you prevent such a mix of colors is too busy? We give you a few tips and plenty of inspiration for your personal bohemian style.

Color Trend 2017: fifty shades of blue

The interior magazines and & ndash; blogs are unanimous on one thing: blue is the new trend color of 2017. Not surprising, because who does not actually blue? Blue is easy to combine and exudes calm and confidence. (Did you know that many businessmen therefore wearing blue suits?) And the nice thing is that blue is revealed in all shades this year. There is always a shade of blue that suits your taste and interior

Trends 2017: Toucan and jungalow

Have you spotted him the toucan? Suddenly he pops up everywhere: in fashion, on quilts, pillows, mugs, clocks, cards, wallpaper. 2017 is the year of the toucan! In your home is super fun toucan. For example, in the nursery! But in other rooms misstaat this bird absolutely not. He fits perfectly into the current trend Jungalow. We made a collage of all toucan accessories for both your child and yourself! More about jungalowtrend? Scroll then some further!

Kids Inspiration: Mood Board pastel and mint green

Pastel and mint green with a little pit. That you make a sweet, gentle children's room with a cool twist. But how do you do that? We made a mood board with us whale wallpaper in mint green and pink combined with some nice nursery accessories. Watch it!

Nursery inspiration: a nursery full of owls

When Anke went looking for wallpaper for the nursery, it is more or less already was certain that it had to be something with owls. Poster wallpaper "Family Owl with starry was love at first sight. Two years later Anke searched for a matching growth chart, and she found at Perron 11.

Nursery inspiration: mood board on Pinterest

Get some inspiration for your new baby or child, how do you do that? Of course you can sift through the magazines from A to Z, go through all nursery shops nearby and read the blogs of Perron 11 ;-). But Pinterest bursting with ideas. So Sylvia found inspiration for the room of her youngest son.

A children's room under a pitched roof

Does your child's nursery or a sloped roof? This course gives a warm and cozy atmosphere! But what if you are planning to do something with photo wallpaper or poster wallpaper on the wall, how do you do this? It's a shame disappears as a part of the image under the roof or behind the door. Or just like those cute illustration cross is cut in half.

Wallpaper: difficult job? Good equipment and a bottle of wine

Last weekend there was a nice article in the Times about a couple that was wallpapered the nursery. Actually twice. The first time it took them nearly their relationship, but a few years later succeeded indeed. Very recognizable!

Sienna Gold, surprising color 2016

Each year calls Akzo Nobel, the parent company of the paint brand Flexa, the Color of the Year out. For 2016 the selection of ocher gold was a warm ocher hue with a hint of gold. A special color, with many more options than you might suspect at first. Do you dare?

Nursery inspiration: a nursery full of cats

The cats wallpaper Fats & Friends Eunice conjured the baby room of her son Rover into a warm and cozy nest. Furniture in matching colors make the room complete. Join me and get inspired!
"The baby room is the best place become our home!"

Inspiration for a neutral nursery

There are so many nice things to buy for the nursery, but what if you do not want to know if you get a boy or a girl. Then a piece of it is still difficult and you have to release your creativity. Read the blog wonenvoorjou.nlinspiration to do for a beautiful neutral nursery.

Kids foxes wins election Perron 11 children in 2014

The winner of the election Perron 11 Children in 2014 is well known: the foxes room Manuel, Naomi and Martijn! Congratulations !!!
The three rooms with the most votes stylist Lisette Crooks Brink of 4Styling (), a selection avg aakt.

Election Platform 11 children from the year 2017/2018

Vote now through our Facebook pagethe best nursery last year with 11 Perron wall decoration and make chance of a wall sticker of your choice worth max. 50 euros!

Here's how you participate!

Kids Inspiration mood board of CozyKidz with fox wallpaper

Two cute moodboards one of our resellers,   & nbsp Cozykidz; our fox wallpaper


DIY idea of wall stickers homes

Looking for special wall decoration for the nursery? And also atmospheric lighting? What did you think of nice canal houses with lighted windows on MDF? This super original wall decorations make you scratch our canal houses wall decals or wallpaper figures, MDF and LED lighting. One shows how to do this, our customers. A roadmap.

Kids Inspiration sample chamber wall stickers

in the nursery Samples too narrow? No, tough guys sleep fine in a real sample chamber! Especially in a room with sample Ploe and his companions, because hunting is precisely the really scary monsters on your way. With some (large) wall stickers magic nursery easy to cool sample chamber. How? Join me in the room Loek!

How to make the nursery child friendly?

Of course you want your child to give a superfine where children can play and slept. But where should you look at the layout? In this blog post we give some tips!

Inspiration moodboard nursery theme holland

A children's room or nursery themed Holland still fun! We have different types of poster wallpaper, wallpaper and wall stickers figures that fit perfectly in that theme. For example, this nursery poster wallpaper in Amsterdam delft blue. We were looking for some fun things in order to show you how you as ' s Dutch children can dress up nice.

Children's inspiration samples in the baby's room

We always like our wallpaper customized for clients. For this client, we made the poster wallpaper Ploe and Monster Pals so that it fits on the wall and all artwork on the wall out well between the furniture. Before that it had some slides with illustrations, as there was for example. A cabinet in the right corner. And samples that you obviously want behind the cupboard, so we just made a new composition.

Nursery inspiration with car wallpaper by CozyKidz

The World Wide Web is a wonderful site richer CozyKidz. A place where you can gain plenty of inspiration for your children, but where you can go for nice things, styling advice and customized furniture. And they made an inspiration room with our car wallpaper.

Baby-Dump used tree wallpaper with animals and wallpaper Amsterdam

Baby Dump used wallpaper in our Baby Dump folder and Baby Dump site! Want to know what furniture and baby products Dump our wallpaper combined for inspiration? See the examples!

A kitchen with coffee cup wallpaper

The kitchen is an important room for many adults/place in the house. Therefore it is very important that the kitchen has a nice feel. Could your kitchen use a facelift? Perhaps a kitchen in pastel shades of teal with teacup wallpapersomething for you!

Children's inspiration: sample children's wallpaper and paint chalkboard

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery of Wendy where she was a super nice playroom with our sample nursery wallpaper  and blackboard paint  

Facts about the Dom Tower of Utrecht and our wall decoration Utrecht

Because we, Jennifer and Sofieke, both live in Utrecht, we love this beautiful city of Utrecht made a wall decoration collection. Thus it is possible to   blackboard sticker  from Dom Tower to order from us. We also sell   poster wallpapercity of Utrecht, where the Dome of course in state. Time for some facts about the Dom:

Wallpaper in a new house

Congratulations, you have bought a new house! The following is an exciting and fun time where you will have to make many choices. For what will you do with the walls? Popel you to immediately hung the walls with a nice pattern or poster wallpaper? Please read our instructions. We give some important information about papered in a new house.

Inspiration for the nursery: balloons!

Are you still looking for ideas for a sweet and cute kids? Maybe we can give you inspiration! We researched a number of products to suit our papers, the theme "balloon" for you together. How cute!

Kids Inspiration: Sample wall stickers with beach

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery Thea where they signed a gorgeous beach for our sample wall stickers  

Kids Inspiration: Sample wall stickers

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery Thea where they signed a gorgeous beach for our sample wall stickers  

Nursery inspiration: kids wallpaper sample plane

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery Marije with part of the monstermural  

Nursery inspiration: children with squirrel wallpaper

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery Ton.  

Nursery inspiration in spotlight at Lisette!

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery of Lisette.  

Nursery inspiration poster wallpaper in purple and blue

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery of Ellemieke.  

Quality wall stickers to stick warranty

Recently, we have also wall stickers collection alongside our self-adhesive wallpaper wallpaper trees and figures. It took a while before we were here myself ready, because we had our preconceptions about wall stickers.   We found them often plastic, they would come after a while the wall etc.


Wallpaper in the nursery provides security, gives confidence and stimulates the imagination

Earlier we already wrote a blog about how wallpapercan contribute to the development of your baby. Wallpaper but also certainly contributes to the development of your toddler or preschooler! Wallpaper gives your child confidence, peace of mind and stirs the imagination!

Should a girl's room always pink?

I do not think so! Of course, pink is nice and sweet. But there are so many other lovely colors which you can make a real girl's room. This morning I received this picture ' s a customer who furnished a nursery with a few pink accents and our pattern wallpaper Retro Flower gray-green base. A good example of a charming girl's room without a lot of pink.

The first products of the new collection of wall decoration

Curious to see the first products of the new collection? Look now on quickly, because we have them for you to put a row. And they are all for sale!


Tips from interior designer Marije Maison Belle for children

Earlier we interviewed interior designer Marije Maison Belle about her work, now gives Marije gives some useful tips for decorating the nursery and tells of what blogs she gets her inspiration!


Inside Viewer: Owls baby room / nursery

Need inspiration for the nursery or children? Perhaps this picture ' s help. This customer made a very nice room with our owls owls pattern wallpaper and wallpaper Owl family tree!

June 2: Sunday Market in Amsterdam

On Sunday, June 2nd we are at the Sunday Market! Are you coming? Place: Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Time: 12:00 to 18:00 hours.

Interview with interior designer Marije van Belle Maison

Marije is interior designer to a thriving business, Maison Belle. Wondering how they proceed when giving advice on interior design? And what can mean an interior designer for example your children? We interviewed her!

Inspiration for children's vehicles

Are you still looking for ideas for a cool boy's room? Maybe we can give you inspiration! We researched a number of products to suit our papers, the theme "vehicles" for you together.

New designs children: car wallpaper for boys

The last time Jennifer has been busy busy creating new designs. Besides Ploe and Monster Palswe are working on car wallpaper for boys and girls . Behold the draft versions of the vintage series!

Creative idea from a customer: pattern wallpaper and painting

This customer has several weeks back Fats & Friends ordered pattern and a number of individual cats. She emailed us the result of the nursery and we naturally wanted to share with you, because we think it has become a lot of fun and original!

Gift tip for mothers

Looking for a super original gift for Mother's Day? Our wallpaper figure of a meditating Buddha in olive green or purple, attach the bedroom of your mother totally zen. Be quick, because there are only a few Buddha ' s in the sale available

Monstrous game: think of a name for the leader and win a door sticker

Because these samples will soon be included in our collection, we have a sample-leader and his name needed! Consider the best name and win a sample door sticker

How does background to the development of your baby

Wallpaper baby's room can give a personal, special and unique atmosphere. Wallpaper fact is much more than just fun for you, as a parent, to watch! A wallpapered on the wall can give your baby because a familiar feeling and arouse the same time.  

Customization Project: canal houses wallpaper home

One of our clients was actually looking for porcelain figurines of Amsterdam canal houses on the mantelpiece, but stumbled in his quest for our canal house wallpaper. And so he came t that I was completely customize the gray canal house wallpaper for the fireplace in a unique monumental Amsterdam pawnshop.

Inside Viewer: tough guys room red - gray

The parents of Thomas won at kidskamers.nlrestyling advice of Kids Stylistplus two coupons: one of prickling and one Perron 11. They wanted a tough boys room. Kids Stylist made stunning design wallpaper graphics with our canal houses. Here is the result!

Living Color Mode Black: daring and quirky

Black in your home: it must again! A stylish black sofa, black accessories, or - for those who dare - black on the wall. Black is mysterious, dramatic, sophisticated but also very chic. Especially in combination with accents   blood red, burgundy, metallic, turquoise, army green or navy blue. Who dares?

Come on December 15 at the Birthplace!

pregnant and you live (near) Utrecht? And/or you want our trees wallpaper, wallpaper birth and sometimes in real life? Take a look on Saturday, December 15th at the Birthplace in Diakonessenhuis and come to the home market

Off behangtak owls

This month a special offer: wallpaper tree with two little owlsin the colors brown, blue, green (as do-it-yourself cut package) .From 31.50 to 27.50including shipping. Moreover, you also get a free bag of wallpaper glue when t.w.v. 5, - Euro

DIY idea wallpaper tree with bird houses

Do you have a small budget and little time, but you want a nice decoration in the nursery or nursery? With one or two birdhouses wallpaper and a little creativity can make these nursery decorating a breeze Code

Carpe Diem

Have a nice weekend and remember ...

Cats wallpaper animals especially wallpaper

May I introduce you to some new wallpaper figures: the street cats Fats and his friends! They were all like pattern wallpaper, but from November 19 is also available as loose wallpaperfigures of approximately 32 x 32 cm.

Offers in November

In November, we have two offers discounted wallpaper figures Delft Blue housesfree wallpaper glue to poster wallpaper, murals and wallpaper pattern on roller

Fun find: notebooks of old wallpaper

For years, I have a soft spot for retro wallpaper. With me in the attic is also a whole set of really old, but some great vintage wallpaper. I used earlier, when I was fresh out of art school, as collage material in large autonomous drawings that I made then.

Wallpaper a wall in an hour - 6 tips

Ok, to decorate a wall in an hour you should perhaps have done several times. But believe me, really difficult wallpapering. The secret: choose the right wallpaper, good tools and prepared for. Six tips.

Wanted: intern (e) marketing

Are you a 3rd or 4th year student of marketing or marketing and find you an internship in Utrecht with a small creative company? We have place for an intern (e) which would help to market a new brand  

A children for brother and sister 2

The last two weekends we are busy in the weather to the children for brother and sister(which I earlier blog post wrote) finally real shape. And now he is almost finished! Alvast an impression.

A children for brother and sister

They were raised frequently. But since she was a week long shared a room with grandparents, they know for sure that my daughter and son to sleep together. Now we already had plans daughters room even quite soon to tackle. A good time is to make a J/M-room.

A new website

And there ' he is: our new website! Quite exciting because just when we decided the site completely z ' to throw one cup, we were suddenly told from different angles they our (now so old) website were so nice and cozy. Hmmm, and we wanted to make it just a little tighter.

Production new wallpaper Delft Blue City within

Currently I am busy with the new wallpaper collection, which should be ready in early September. A first draft, which, incidentally, is already available in the shop, the href="/behang-amsterdam-delfts-blauw-met-extra-opties" Delftware City. Yesterday, the first production of this wallpaper came! A preview.

The meaning of colors in your interior

Whether a child's room, living room or bedroom will furnish, sooner or later you have to make choices in terms of color. But how do you do that? How to choose colors that you can still feel fine in a few years?

The Children Stylist writes about our wallpapers

The Kids Stylist on her blog a nice piece written about including the (custom) nursery wallpaper Perron 11.

Looking like a child

Last weekend I went with my daughter Niamh (5) to ArtAmsterdam - a great art event in the RAI. I was surprised: that she uberhaupt liked, but also by its view of the artwork. How you can see much more of an open mind.

Looking for inspiration

Suppose you want to make something. A drawing, a picture, a web site or perhaps a text. Maybe just a report for work