How much wallpaper rolls I need

Do you find it difficult to determine how much wallpaper rolls you need? Of course you do not get too many, but certainly not too little at home. For reordering can always, but then you have unfortunately indeed likely to color difference. To avoid mistakes in the steps below, and the convenient calculation tool!

Wallpaper Rolls calculate

Following these steps:

1.Meet the width of the wall at precisely and count for 5 to 10 cm cutting margin to that number.

2. Check the track width of the wallpaper. In the 11-Perron wallpaper which is 50 centimeters.

3. Part 1 by 2 and round the result upwards. Now you know how many jobs you need.

4. Then measure the height of the wall and count hereby also 5 to 10 cm on the cutting margin.

5. Measure or see the wallpaper on the website which is the height of the pattern (the report or height or the number of cm and then the pattern repeats). Note: you can take the ride height at sommig Perron11 wallpaper (this is indicated in the text on the wallpaper)


6. Tel together the result of 4 + 5 at.

7. Check the roll length. In Perron11-wallpaper is that standard 9 meters.

8. Part 7 by 6. Now you know how many jobs you can get from one role. Round this off down because what you are left with is cutting losses.

9. Share the results of three by the outcome of eight and you have the number of rollers


1. You wall is 423 cm wide, 10 cm cutting margin + = 433 cm

2. The web width = 50 cm

3. 433: 50 = 8.66 rounding jobs = 9

4. You wall is 259 cm high, 10 cm cutting margin + = 269 cm

5. The report level of the selected wallpaper is 30 cm

6. 262 + 30 = 299

7. Roll length = 900 cm. 900: 299 = 3,01


8. You can get so three courses from one role

9. 9: 3 = 3 rolls

Still awkward? Download below our calculator! Print it out, fill it in and voila!

Additional gauges

Do you prefer something too large, then too tight! Reorder supplies almost always color difference and that is unfortunate. With us you can order extra yards, so we do not 9 meters, but for example, 10 or 11 meters long to make the role for you. So you have a bit more slack, without the additional need to buy a whole roll. When ordered in the above example, three rolls of 9 meters and a cutting error by mistake, you unfortunately do not come out properly. Additional steps may also be useful if you just like extra you get a job with your wall a part of for example 10 meters!


If you come there do not matter if you're worried that your calculation is wrong? I would like to help you! email updatesthe size of your wall (s) with any specific characteristics (roof, windows, doors, etc.) or call!