Wallpaper a wall in an hour - 6 tips

Ok, to decorate a wall in an hour you should perhaps have done several times. But believe me, really difficult wallpapering. The secret: choose the right wallpaper, good tools and prepared for. Six tips.

1. Choose the right wallpaper

How easy it is hung, is highly dependent on the type and quality wallpaper that you choose. Non-woven woven wallpaper is very user-friendly. Unlike wallpapers with a paper backing, you need to gluing the wall in woven wallpaper and not the wallpaper itself. This makes it much easier paste. It almost does not crack, shrink or stretch out as you stick and is easy to slide in the right place. Is it the job, but not to your liking? Then you pull it right back and paste it back in the right place. And you want after a while something else with your wall, then remove the wallpaper easily get.

2. Do not store directly on the wallpaper, but prepared first for

Wallpaper pretreating the wall It is important that the wall when you're hung dry, smooth, clean and evenly absorbent. Remove old wallpaper, work holes away with (fast) filler and sanding away any imperfections. Do you have a wallpaper with bright d├ęcor, make sure the wall is uniformly white, because any color differences than can shine on the wall. Do you have a new house or you just plastered wall ironing the wall first with the wall for example. Prefax Roll-on. And further: remove wallpaper paste home that fits your wallpaper. For non-woven wallpaper we recommend paste pink or Perfax Ready & Fleece roll on. Paste also has a Roll-On Magic. That pink is when it is still wet, but dries clear. Useful to see which piece of wall you already glued.

3. The first job

The first track is always a bit tricky, especially if your walls are not quite right. Do not let this discourage you. Start with the leftmost lane. Divide the adhesive using a roller uniformly on the wall, across the width of a little more than one job. If the wall does not absorb too much, you may apply to the width of up to three jobs at once glue. Then apply the first (dry!) job on the glued wall. Care using a spirit level that the path on the right side is level. Paste the job left not completely against the wall, but keep some extra slack so you can later left side in the corner neatly cut (unless your wall has been neatly perpendicular). Do the same with the top, most ceilings run after all not right and it's annoying when you find out when the next job that you are at the top suddenly left with a piece of white. Press the track with a special wallpaper gummiroller or spatula and wipe any bubbles thus to the sides. Then cut the top, bottom and left side neatly with a sharp knife.

The first job papered cutting the wallpaper on top in    

4. The following jobs

After the first job glue you back a piece of wall. Install the next ' bumping ' to. That is, push him against the first job that he is exactly against it (not overlapping so). First make sure the decor or pattern on the left side of the lane closure is neatly on the previous job and then print the job toward the right side with a gummieroller or spatula. Cut the top and bottom back neatly. Repeat this with each successive track.

Nonwoven roll the wall with Perfax Roll On Magic   pressure wallpaper with a wallpapering squeegee

5. Errors repair

Is a job not to your liking, you can immediately pull him well again. Typically the glue is still wet enough for the job so again stick in the right place. Seams can post some bijlijmen by doing a little bit of glue on the brush and thus lubricate gently behind the seam. Remove any adhesive spots directly with a wet sponge then pat dry. Afterwards, you can remove the remaining glue stains with a clean damp cloth.

6. Some wallpaper tips:

- In woven wallpaper is a wallpaper table not really necessary. A plain old table, a shelf with schagen - or maybe a wallpaper table if you happen - but is convenient to the jobs cut


- Cutting jobs prefixed custom where you prefer to take into account some clearance above and below. Roll the webs then finished and put them in the correct order

- Have a wall-wallpaper (wallpaper poster or photo wallpaper) that's smaller than your wall, then stick out the middle lane in the middle of the wall and work toward the sides. So you keep both sides equally large piece of wall. Be the sides of the wall than in a shade of the wall painting. Even better is of course the size of to customize the poster wallpaper to fit your wallso it fits!  

- Are you experienced, then the wallpaper succeed you stuck alone. Have you experienced some less, than it is useful to z ' s working two. One will be on the job ladder and the stick top in the right place. The other track leads down to the right place.