Wallpaper designs for my own teenage daughter

My daughter is nearly 13 and sits at the end of her first year in high school. And what has she changed since they left primary school! Grown. Not only in length but also in actions. So a while ago came the long awaited remark: "Mom, my room how it is now, really can not." So mom hit the designs. Mission: Teen girl wallpaper for my own


Gaining Ideas

My daughter is a real horse girl. A few years ago she'd therefore wanted a horse room, with my horse and horse wallpaper wall sticker. But despite her hobby has not changed, horses can in her room now suddenly really not. I think it's no problem to change a child's room into a teenager, I think, after all, fun. I also want to add some years more wallpaper for teenagers in the collection, but I'm not there now turn to some reason. A great opportunity now so! My daughter knows what she wants and has an eye for design and layout, so I first gave her instructions to agree very well to put in a row what she wants, what colors they like and what mood she wants in her room. So they collected all kinds of interior images and color schemes ' s on Pinterest, created a mood board of lifestyle magazines and we went together to Egg camp for the studio style ' s of the housing program of VT Wonen in real life view. Eventually she chose a color scheme with some pretty subdued colors. In one short wall wallpaper should come with ' & # 39 dots; or dots combined with a beautiful quote. Another wall we paint in a warm color matching and also have to spend some matching accessories color and mood.

First versions for teen girl

Then I got busy with orders from customers and dropped the project ' Teen Room ' to go to the background. Until recently I was again a little more space and started working with me a whole new theme ' '. dots Super fun to do! I was not alone in her Pinterest boards, so the color scheme I was just gone. Something with pink or heartwood I thought? That was in fact also passed by. Whether it had to be just a bit tougher? I made the following two pink designs to show her after work, after all the colors I could adapt so.

teenage girl's room wallpaper photo wallpaper pink dots

Teenage girls wallpaper photo wallpaper pink dots

But no, when dear daughter came home from school, I turned to sit there all wrong! The base was just a bit more sober, be tougher. But the dots from the first draft were happy indeed quite the taste! Together we adjusted the colors and this is going to be about him. Now decide where the furniture will stand, so we can put the quote in a visible place and make an initial pressure test to see if the color is also, as we have in mind. And then we can start the rest of the room  

Wallpaper wall for teenage girl green

The other design I also adapted in color and that was that.

wallpaper for teen maid dots

What do you think?   Do you have any suggestions for other colors in the collection teenage wallpaper? Or suggestions for a matching quote? Tell below!