Bohemian style: an adventurous and colorful interiors

Do you find it fun to combine many different colors, patterns, materials and accessories with each other? Then the bohemian style might be something for you. We are in any case quite happy! But how do you prevent such a mix of colors is too busy? We give you a few tips and plenty of inspiration for your personal bohemian style.

Certainly not commonplace

Loosely translated bohemian 'non-civil'. And one thing is certain: a bohemian interior is far from commonplace. The combination of bright colors, busy prints and different fabrics turns your house into an adventurous and colorful paradise! Do you dare?

Color, color and another color

One of the characteristics of a bohemian interior is the mix of colors. Common colors are earth tones, eggplant, dark green, yellow ocher, orange and warm red. You can subtly address by keeping your walls and furniture in neutral white or grayscale. The bohemian style then you create a lot of colorful accessories like pillows, throws and rugs. Also fun: hang different colorful prints or artwork on the wall. May the best for you something more daring? Paint your walls than in a cheerful tone and adjust the colors of your accessories and furniture daaropaan. A warm color on your wall makes your room extra snug and cozy.

Tip: Choose a color palette and keep you in there. For example, choose three colors that you like and that are close to each other in the color spectrum, such as blue, green and yellow. To make it more exciting, you also choose two contrasting colors. By keeping the color palette, you prevent your house quickly turns into a 'Villa Villekulla'.

Moadboard bohemian style

Wallpaper Links: Jungle Leaves Perron 11 (coming soon) | Wallpaper right: Bohemian Flower Perron 11 (coming soon) | Plant: Golden Palm at Intratuin| Sheepskin: among others, available at Ikea| Poufs Blackbird in Wonderland


Combine different patterns

A mix of different prints and patterns typically associated with the bohemian style. Exotic designs, often Asian or Moroccan fit in well here. And of course Again, you can make it as far as you want. Keep the basic neutral if you want to tackle it easy. Do you want it more exciting, do not hesitate to completely loose with combining motifs, patterns and prints. Because that's the fun of the bohemian style, nothing should anything goes

Tip: flowers, stripes, dots, lines and windows & hellip; There are so many patterns! Want different prints mixes? Start with a large base pattern where all the colors of your color scheme in it. From this pattern can then look for matching prints.

Lots of fabric accessories

The bohemian style hear all kinds of fabrics accessories such as pillows, rugs and blankets. And preferably all together. Drape example, some colored blankets on the couch and put a happy hassock with embroidered flowers at. And combine the whole with multiple rugs in different colors or prints.

Tip: Have you ever thought about hanging a rug on the wall? That can with an ordinary carpet, but there are also special tapestries with loops or a tunnel at the top, used to attach such a garment in no time on the wall!

Wood = Hot!

Natural items such as wood and rattan fit perfectly with a bohemian d├ęcor and also help create a warm atmosphere. For example, choose a beautiful wooden table or a cozy rattan chair. Or consider a trunk as a side table and put some nice wooden accessories in the window.
Tip: For wood is often true 'the older, the better. " hence Take a look at Marketplace or at the thrift store.

Plants make


plants make your bohemian style completely. For a subtle green finishing touches put a few small succulents and cacti together. Pack up the rather grand? Consider a room tree. Drake Tree to Elephants Foot, with such an impressive atmosphere maker bring you a piece of jungle in your home!
Tip: Hanging plants are again totally hip and thrive in your bohemian interior. There are many trendy plant hangers available where your hanging plants all come into their own.

A bohemian bedroom or nursery

Can there that concerns you quite some color in your bedroom? Magic also your bedroom or nursery to paradise in a bohemian! To keep the room is too messy, you can take the floor and the furniture best neutral. For example, choose a light (wooden) floor and furniture of natural materials such as wood, cane and rattan. With wallpaper and paint can come off at all! Choose a few colors that you like and you keep that color palette. So you do not make it too busy and make you a beautiful whole. With an appealing color to the wall color or wallpaper you then create a true bohemian atmosphere. And you mostly live with accessories! Think colorful cushions and rugs, woven baskets and big green plants. And how about a dream catcher? Who stays in your bohemian bedroom or nursery not miss!

Tip: Dress are essential in a bohemian bedroom. they put down anywhere: on your bed, in the chair, on the floor. And lay them over each other for a casual effect.

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