The meaning of colors in your interior

Whether a child's room, living room or bedroom will furnish, sooner or later you have to make choices in terms of color. But how do you do that? How to choose colors that you can still feel fine in a few years?

Colors have a direct impact on emotions. Therefore, it is nice and convenient if you are going to work with your interior, to know what colors actually mean. In other words, what they do with a room *.

Colors evoke emotions

Choose your intuition and just iuml; tief what you like best self? That's one way. And often goes a long way with it, especially if it is something personal like your own home. But did you know that colors have a big influence on how you feel in a certain area? Although everyone sees color differently and has their own preferences, color rely directly on our emotions. Therefore it is a good idea to delve further into the meaning of colors. Because who wants to feel fine now not in his own home? And that of course all the children: you allow your child do all that he or she feels fine in his own room



color range

Warm and cold colors in the interior

Warm colors (red, yellow and orange) we associate with strong emotions and literally give us a warm feeling. Red is even scientifically proven to speed up our heartbeat. Cool colors (blue, green and violet), we are just quiet. You therefore sleep better in a room with cool colors. Blue, green, mint but also pastels let us relax properly and are therefore well suited for the bedroom. A workspace, you can contrast may be better for some choose warmer colors, giving you true energy and inspiration.

The significance of color as a basis for your interior

In addition to the association with hot and cold, each color also evokes a different emotion in us. What does the color * and what can you therefore in your home?

red heart

Redstands for passion, love, energy, power, fire, enthusiasm, heat but also danger, blood, anger and aggression . It is a color that draws immediate attention. It also has a downside: it can happen to loud. A bright red wall can "reach out" to your feelings, especially if the color red which is harder. If more subtle accent color or a darker shade but it might give the heat needed by your home.

sunshine yellow

Yellowis a bright, cheerful, airy color. We associate yellow with the sun, optimism, cheerfulness, intellect and wisdom but also jealousy, deceit and caution. Yellow is a great color to play in your home, especially in children's rooms. If you combine it with white, with cooler tones or just with warm natural colors like brown, you can achieve beautiful effects that you immediately cheer is!

orange leaves

Orangeconsists of red and yellow and is therefore also a color that draws immediate attention. It is a stimulating, happy color that stands for creativity, energy, individuality, originality and health. But Orange can also quickly what loud and ' greedy ' happen, depending on the chosen hue and color combination. A dark shade of orange reminds us of fall and holidays. Orange is a very sensitive color trend. In interiors, it often is complicated. When orange again emerges as a trend color paints certainly not everyone wandje in that color. It reminds us often think of interiors from the 70s, but as subtle accent a modern twist to it just like that happy note giving needed your home (or girl room!).

blue cloud

Blueis a cool, calm color that we associate with the sky and the sea, but also with nobility, satisfaction, knowledge, tranquility, peace, masculinity, intelligence and justice. Negative associations with his blue depression, coldness and detachment. Traditionally, the typical baby blue is used for baby boys rooms. Now also many blue selected if a boy is born, but nowadays can actually all shades of blue. It is a very appropriate color for baby rooms (and bedrooms for older children and adults). So why only use blue for boys? There are so many shades of blue imaginable that are also fun for a girl's room! Especially if you combine it with accent colors like red, green or pink!

life flower purple

Purple(violet) consists of blue and red, and is now often seen as a feminine color. Previously, however, it was a royal color, not so feminine so. Purple is calm and represents power, luxury, elegant, belief, mysterious, self-confidence, dignity, determination, under control, healing, ambition, wisdom, wealth, dreams, spirituality and the search for personal and deeper meaning. Negative associations of purple may be exaggeration and insanity. Purple is a great color for your home, it gives it something special and depth. Fun for the girls' room!

Green Life

Greenis the color of nature and therefore has a calming effect on most people. Green represents growth, new developments, success, harmony, honesty, youth, fertility, honesty and healing, but can also stand for greed, envy and inexperience. Depending on the shade can have a stabilizing effect on other colors. Green is also a fine color for your home and also for children. There are a lot of nice shades conceivable and to combine the color is good.

pink owl

Pinkis the color of passion, love, kindness, femininity, truth, peace, caring, sweet, trust, pragmatism, initiative , rational and calm strength, humor, meekness, self-respect and appreciation for others, loyalty, independence and tolerance. Traditionally, of course, used pink for the girls (baby) room. And still.

gray balance

Graystands for balance, safety, modesty, reliability, calm, practical, security, intelligence, maturity, dull gloom, sustainability , quality, business, industrial and modern. Gray is a safe and widely used color in the interior: it fits almost everywhere. You can have years of pleasure, by alternating it with different colors accessories. Depending on the hue and possible combination with other colors may appear cold or warmer.

Blackis the color of night and death, but also stands for power, authority, elegance, dignity, mystery and style . On the other hand, there are also associations with grief, fear, heaviness or emptiness. Most people are afraid to use as soon as black in their interior, at least not in the sense of a black wall or large black areas. However, it can give a very exciting effect if you apply it correctly. Monochromeyou come back quite often as an interior color. Here you can in combination with other colors and accessories many sides it out!

Whiteis the color of light and purity, perfection, virginity, cleanliness, innocence, simplicity, truth, softness, vulnerability and virtue. Many people choose white as the basis for their interior.

And you? What is your favorite color and why? And what color you choose for your living room? Or for children? Tell us in a comment below!

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  * In this article we restrict ourselves for convenience only to the group to which we belong, namely the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Every culture has its own history again values and associations given to colors. For example, there are countries where true white is considered the color of mourning. It is unreasonable to continue on that in this article.

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