Duvet Little Red Riding Hood Junior

  • Material:100% Katoen
  • Washable:Washing machine 60 degrees
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • In stock:Made to order
  • Delivery time:3-5 workdays
  • Designer:Eline Krus
  • Code:8470

Price: €89,95 for 1 pieces



Duvet Little Red Riding Hood Junior

Does your girl fairy tales? Then this original Red Riding Hood duvet is wonderful to dream on the road and can be used on both sides.

Gast Illustrator Eline Krus, this duvet cover is designed especially for Perron 11. Find her quilts collection.

Size: 120 x 150 cm (wide instopstrook +)

Cushion: 50 x 60 cm

Additional information

Performance and print duvet Red Riding Hood Junior

Both the duvet cover as a cushion cover is made from soft 100% cotton quality and the offset bottle neck has a tuck-in strip of 40cm long. Because this two-sided duvet can use, there to see everything and experience. On one side there is a fox in the center and on the other side you can for example see what Little Red Riding Hood is doing and make it your own story from.

Mix & Match: create a children's themed Red Riding Hood

This roodkapje duvet can combine fun with this   poster wallpaper Red Riding Hoodor a wall or panel with our pattern wallpaper Red Riding Hood.


Duvet Little Red Riding Hood in different sizes

We have this duvet in other sizes:. Href="/dekbedovertrek-roodkapje-1-persoons" one person

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