Personalized door sticker with name (pink or blue)

Personalized door sticker with the name of your child, flying owl which holds a sign. Choose your own color combination.
Price: €29,95 1 pieces

Name Sticker colorful canal houses

Original name sticker with canal houses of Perron 11. Choice of different typefaces.
Price: €29,95 1 pieces

Name Sticker Pink apple for door or wall

Personalized door sticker with your child's name fits in our series Apples and Pears. Order directly from the makers!
Price: €29,95 1 pieces

Name Tag or door sticker balloon

Cute door sticker with your child's name on a blimp. Choice of different fonts. Immediately upon ordering the designers!
Price: €29,95 1 pieces

Sticker door or wall sticker Rabbit

Fleur boring door in the nursery with this particular door sticker of a rabbit and a clock! Can also be used as a wall sticker. Now only Perron 11!
Price: €157,95 1 pieces


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