DIY idea of wall stickers homes

Looking for special wall decoration for the nursery? And also atmospheric lighting? What did you think of nice canal houses with lighted windows on MDF? This super original wall decorations make you scratch our canal houses wall decals or wallpaper figures, MDF and LED lighting. One shows how to do this, our customers. A roadmap.

DIY idea: canal houses wall decoration with lighted windows

A customer sent us the picture below ' s and explained how our canal houses wallpaper figures this particular wall decoration made in her nursery. We liked it so much that we this do-it-yourself project to share with you. Under the picture ' s look to a roadmap to get to work on the canal houses figures wallpaper or wall stickers


nursery wallpaper inspired cottages with LED lighting


Steps: how to make this particular wall decoration itself



- wall stickers canal housesor wallpaper figures canal houses(optional)

- one or more MDF boards in the desired size

- wall paint in a matching color (water-based)

- semi-transparent film

- by wallpaper figures: wallpaper adhesive for paper wallpaper (with no glue is needed wall stickers)

(e.g., paste blue).

-. LEDs, for example, as a strip for sale by, among other things IKEA

- (concrete) screws to secure the MDF boards to the wall

- paint roller, brush, paint tray, and

Step 1

On wallpaper figures: cut out or cutting the wallpaper houses according to the disclosure. Let them lie down flat.

wall stickers: they are all ready and you do not cut off


Cut then some windows from which you want the LED lighting behind. On example is the ' glass ' of the lamppost excised.

Step 2

Determine where the canal house must come to the MDF and mark where do the cut out windows. Saw neat these portions with a compass saw.

Step 3

Abrasive, the MDF-board lights up and painting it in 1 or 2 layers in the chosen color. Allow to dry completely (at least 1 or 2 days).

Step 4

Place the film over the cut-out windows so that it fits exactly over the edge. For convenience (especially when using wallpaper figure) you can fix it with some wallpaper glue to the MDF. Slice about the canal house (wall sticker is self-adhesive, wallpaper if figure: glue the back with wallpaper paste). And paste if the lamp in place

Step 5

Determine where the MDF board has to come and place the LEDs against the wall at the place where the cut-out windows. Then unscrew the MDF-plate on the wall.


Put the lights on and ... tadaa! Ready is your super original and unusual wall decorations with lights!


Are you handy with the jigsaw? Then you can put the MDF board also looked at the shape of the canal houses wall stickers.

Do you also made something special of our wall decoration? Or have a nice tip? Let us know and share your comment below!