A kitchen with coffee cup wallpaper

The kitchen is an important room for many adults/place in the house. Therefore it is very important that the kitchen has a nice feel. Could your kitchen use a facelift? Perhaps a kitchen in pastel shades of teal with teacup wallpapersomething for you!

Pastels 2014

pastelcolor is created by mixing a pure color (pigment) having a light color such as light yellow or white. Pastel shades are therefore not only hip for adults but also for young children. The colors are not too bright. Interestingly, the pastel pink and baby & ndash; blue have been used for years for clothing of small children. Choose pastel colors for the kitchen or any other room of the house, so you do not have to worry that the trend quickly blow over; pastels and remain hip.  

Wallpaper teacups kitchen nursery teen room pastel

Teal: the trend color 2014

The new trend color of 2014teal. Teal is a very distinctive green/blue color, easy to combine with other colors. Similarly in our teacup wallpaper. In addition, the trend color 2014 teal very well with wood. Also totally hip in 2014!

teacups wallpaper teal teen room, nursery, kitchen

Teacups wallpaper in the kitchen

Our teacup wallpaper in pastel and teal is great in any room of the house, but certainly fits well in the kitchen. The wallpaper consists of teacups, interspersed by occasional teapot. In addition, there is sometimes a biscuit next to the cup, is sometimes the text & ldquo; All you need is a cup of tea & rdquo; the cup and some tea cups contain a mint leaf.  

teacup teal wallpaper and pastel kitchen

Tip: teacups wallpaper in girl's room or teen room

Tip: If the kitchen does not require refurbishment, but look very nice this teacup wallpaper? Wallpaper than wandje in the nursery, so that your daughter has her own teahouse where they can drink tea with friends, girlfriends, stuffed animals and dolls! Also this teacup wallpaper fits very well into the teen room. Do you have a teenager who loves drinking tea with her friends? Then they can be pleased with this trendy teacup wallpaper in the trendiest colors of 2014!

What do you think of our teacups wallpaper in trend colors and pastel teal in the kitchen, child or teen room? What color would you choose wallpaper in the kitchen? Let us know! We are very curious about your wishes and ideas