A children for brother and sister 2

The last two weekends we are busy in the weather to the children for brother and sister(which I earlier blog post wrote) finally real shape. And now he is almost finished! Alvast an impression.

And again I realize: Drywall is not difficult

The first weekend meant stripping: old wallpaper off the wall, cracks and holes in the wall sealing. Last weekend we were able to ' real ' started: sauces and papered walls. Then it immediately starts to look nice and look like a real room. After the wall to have hung a little over an hour, I realize again: Drywall is not difficult! Soon I will have a blog to write about, because believe me, a child can do the laundry. If you have fine wallpaper least - and we had of course -.)

But that aside, I would give an impression of the nursery. Here a picture with the wallpaper. In the Gamma I found that cute delfst blue pads - offer! Fit well with the rest, but so taken. My son is like you see sit down on.

impression room with delft blue city facade wallpaper

dream bed with cat

And then it was today ... and it was bunk ' & # 39 Dream House; Saartje Prumworried! Look, here it is, just worried. PSikhouvanjouI found matching these two lights, which of course perfectly with the ' cat city ' and where my two ' & # 39 cats crazy; children fell in love with. Who will come on board in the house: the white upper with daughter, the black and white below with son. Recommend this weekend fun decorating the room, but that's the most fun!

bunk dream house Saartje Prum