A new website

And there ' he is: our new website! Quite exciting because just when we decided the site completely z ' to throw one cup, we were suddenly told from different angles they our (now so old) website were so nice and cozy. Hmmm, and we wanted to make it just a little tighter.

The design of the website should it not be distracted from the design itself, we had thought. But we also natural that our customers continue to feel at home on our site, so the first - much tighter - design disappeared partly in the trash. Eventually the site was created as he is now.

Wallpaper and birth

The main reason for a new website was that we want to concentrate on our wallpaper label and birth. We have recently been busy Perron 11 into the market as a new wallpaper label, which is why the wallpaper is also directly on the homepage. Through a banner below the side menu you can go to the birth site, which as yet has the old look, but now has an independent home page with its own URL, namely http://geboortekaartjes.perron11.nl. The stamps are now only through the stamp shop Moosmadeavailable and greeting time being not. Maybe that we have to offer through Sendasmile a while, but that's not certain. We have also omitted the entire site area of web design, illustration and design. We hope that all what has become clearer and clearer that it is where Perron 11 stands for.

More options

The next few days we will have put some points on the i. A lot we could prepare behind the scenes, but some things we can adjust only now we ' Live ' to be. So who do you come here and there are minor flaws against which we still have to eliminate. The ordering options are expanded. Later example, you can choose when ordering wallpaper figures or do you want a do-it-yourself kit or cut wallpaper figure. There remains the next time enough work to do. Anyway, we are wondering what you think