Production new wallpaper Delft Blue City within

Currently I am busy with the new wallpaper collection, which should be ready in early September. A first draft, which, incidentally, is already available in the shop, the href="/behang-amsterdam-delfts-blauw-met-extra-opties" Delftware City. Yesterday, the first production of this wallpaper came! A preview.

Color splash wallpaper

It is always exciting to see the first real role of a new wallpaper. But as almost always, I am once again surprised! Even though this wallpaper consists mainly of delft blue tones and the colors are not quite so exuberant, the colors are beautiful and sparkling. They splashed the wallpaper! Below, a photo collage. Too bad it never quite sparkling on the picture to conceive, you might actually wallpaper in real must see. And that can hear, because I have been in a series of samples. Want a sample? Just send me an email !

wallpaper delft blue city photo collage