Looking for inspiration

Suppose you want to make something. A drawing, a picture, a web site or perhaps a text. Maybe just a report for work -vol good ideas that you impress management. But you can not just exhort. After days of thinking is there no line or letter on paper. "I have no inspiration," you tell yourself. Perhaps you waiting for the muse to come whisper golden idea in your ear. You can, but usually works better (and faster) to find that simply muse here. And it's easier than you might think. Read more


It's the middle of the night. Suddenly the artist wakes. He has an idea! This is the masterpiece which he spent his entire career on hold. He stands up, because this painting begs to be immediately put on the canvas. The artist is ISOLATED inspired! Many people have the idea that just about work, get inspiration. But is that so? Sometimes. But very often not. In fact, it is actually hard work (but nice!) The key? Do, go ahead and let go. And - very important: do not be afraid of failure



The topic

Sometimes it's good to sit down right away and what (global) to put ideas on paper. But because we now mostly our right brain - the creative and intuitive ISOLATED tive part - want to appeal, I suppose another method. Personally, I enjoy the subject first getting to know better. And that is often best when you leave you closing the door of your office. Have an (idea of) a topic, go - if possible - to your topic. Take a small sketch and notebook and a camera, and pull it out. Do you have any idea of a topic or you can not possibly happen to your subject, then just go for a walk at random. That usually works very enlightening. You come from all at and notice saying what attracts your interest. Just as you do not too hard to get ideas, you often get a good raid itself.


Secretly photo ' s make

Is the weather (or your boss) a not walk far, then you may also browse through some books. Or jump a second (book) shop, go to a museum or see what (new or even very old) magazines on the subject. But really pull it off is my personal preference. When I was still mainly free work, I found out a while difficult for new topics for my drawings. My daughter was just two, it was a beautiful summer and so they would rather play outside than in my sweltering studio. So I took her and a small photo camera to the playground. While she was playing nice in the sandbox, I photographed surreptitiously other parents and caught snatches of their conversations. I tied on paper together to create new stories. And suddenly I had a new topic!


illustration sketch



But this week I want to make a picture that has something to do with the spring. I do not want a cliché of lambs on pasture (how much I like them too!), So it must be something else. But what? This morning, the beautiful spring weather, so I grab my camera, sketchbook and pencil and bike to the park. Along the way I'll be a beautiful swan, a young family of ducks and tough gnarled pear on. In the picture! Or what do I do with it? No idea. But that's not the point. Also in the park, I look good around me. It is in the little things you normally ignores, is often much beauty! A small flower looks very different when you look attentively. So I get a nice purple flower against that at first sight it looks nice. But if I look better, I see that the flower buds are actually quite bizarre, almost alien-like shape. Magnificent. And so never seen  I'll be two more chit against four chicks. Although they actually still look a little unsightly with their red, some plukkerig downy cups, the little ones are beautiful in all their pathos. I sit down several times, decompose an overblown dandelion, make sketches here and there and enjoy the silence, the plants, trees and the sun. Almost two hours and a lot of 80 picture ' s (alas, still digital!) Further, I return to my studio. With a backpack full inspiration!



Just start

And then it's time to really get started. Even though you are a subject and may already have a direction, a white paper (or computer screen) can block huge. So make sure that it is changing fast! See your finds, sketches and notes from your ' excursion ' and then just start sketching or writing. In the case of drawing; create doodles, small sketches of the first thing that comes to mind. Are you gonna write, write a first sentence. Think at this stage too after another, it is mainly Doing. Then continue: another sketch, a new sentence. Like it after a while enough? Go for a short time especially! Write associations you get to discuss individual or small scribbles on your drawing paper. Or create a mind map (more on this in a future blog post). It is important that you still evaluate anything. Let just come with the flow and put it on paper. Later you can delete and select, but that is not yet on the agenda. Catch you like you're at the judge? Then it can help for example to make all sketches on paper first, just go together. You're so less concerned with finished product and you are more open to ideas and raids. You always work on your computer? Start now even on paper. Even if you are working on a text or even report. Did you know that most people are more creative when they again ' real ' contact of the pen feel on the paper? That came from research, I read yesterday.



Illustration Spring


Go ahead and release

If you work in this way and succeed you not too much to judge what you invent or create, then the chances are you currently the ' flow ' already feels. Suddenly you notice that you are totally in it and ' Do ' you just. Yet it is at a given moment of time to select. Which sketches, doodles, notes or paragraph ' s useful? There you go along on a new sheet of paper or on the computer, depending on what needs to be your end result. Do you have a first version of the product, then there is a very important step: let it go! Stop and go do something else. Sleep one or two nights (or more) about. That may sound banal, but it appears to be essential. ' At night you process because everything you've done during the day. Would you pass an exam, then you better stop in time to learn and go to sleep, then through the night blocks. And so it also works if you make something. Let go and the next day you look again with a fresh look at. Chances are you then just make a change that appears to be the finishing touch! If you have the time, this release may indeed work well after the preliminary sketches and idea development. Often it is good idea to leave a while ' '. simmer Take notes, sketches, and then let it go again. there afterwards'm going to work, the work further, associate it and you'll see your first idea develops into something beautiful!