Inspiration for children's vehicles

Are you still looking for ideas for a cool boy's room? Maybe we can give you inspiration! We researched a number of products to suit our papers, the theme "vehicles" for you together.

1. Wallpaper Poster "Flying Cadillac"- Perron 11. Price: from € 239.95  


This poster wallpaper is a black and white drawing of a flying car over a city that the boys room a cool and special, unique atmosphere. Monochrome ensures peace in the nursery, but you have an art-desk-to-be? He finds it attached great if he can colorize his own wallpaper! Yet rather not? Then ' & # 39 colors; We like this wallpaper to your liking, such as here in yellow.

2. Painting "Bike Like"   by Angela Rekucki- Society 6. Price: €. 35, -

This painting with fun cycling in the colors gray, white, black and yellow, the children's cheers immediately  

3. New European Rocketship Jersey Sheet Set- RH Baby & shield. Price:. From $ 135 -

How cute is this quilt! Your son will be delicious dream of traveling in a rocket when he sleeps under the duvet.  

4. cushion cover gray with tractor  - The Little Car. Price: € 17.50


This cushion cover is 40x40 cm, and includes an envelope closure at the back. The shades of gray a lot of fun, but also quiet pad. Nice in combination with the paintings of The Little Car!

5. TOYS FOR BOYS Firetruck blackboard sticker    - KEK Amsterdam. Price: € 49.95


The sticker itself is fun, but this sticker you can chalk another! Available in various sizes.  

6. BS Transportation plates  - Boguslaw Sliwinski. Price: On request


Does your son difficulty eating vegetables? With these signs he eats his vegetables fixed it up!

7. Le Mans Pedal Car  -   RH Baby & shield. Price: $ 254 -


vroom vroom! Not only does this car looks beautiful, it is a feast for your son to drive there!