Interview with illustrator Eileen Boeijkens

A few years ago Eileen Boeijkens made as internship some wallpaper and wall stickers for Perron 11, including the mural It Kampeerbos. Now she is working as a freelance illustrator nice on the road and make them together with her boyfriend Max Peterse beautiful animations. High time to talk to her and when you show her new work.

poster wallpaper Kampeerbos Eileen Boeijkens made for Perron11


& ldquo; You can also simply enjoy something beautiful & rdquo; - in conversation with illustrator Eileen Boeijkens

On your website you describe yourself as a ' unparalleled llama enthusiast and great fan of everything colorful, sweet and edible (especially combined). ' Explain?

& ldquo; just Haha, I like a lot of animals, especially llamas. But also keep Max and I travel. So we went to Japan and South Korea, where they are much more than here are focused on visual culture. Of course you see many manga, but also kawaii, which is all about cuteness. I became a big fan of the cute creatures and characters that you might look a lot like stationairy. When I work for children make, such as Platform 11, then let me be with them through ISOLATED uence. I try to overdo it less than is done in kawaii. I'm looking for more of a middle ground between cute and realistic & rdquo;.

Illustration of Eileen Boeijkens lion

After your internship at Perron 11 You graduated from the AKV St. Joost. Are you then immediately started as a freelance illustrator?

& ldquo; I felt that I was not quite finished studying, so I went to the university a pre-master. But just reading and learning proved nothing to me: I wanted to do with my hands! I moved to Max in Breda, where we now live in a tiny but cozy cottage with our two rats Bmo and Otje. I started working at Bagels & Beans and also tried to set up my freelance work. I did have jobs, but it is quite difficult to work on your own business next job. So I decided to take the plunge last year and going all the way to my freelance illustration work & rdquo;.

Best a bold step. How did you approach it?

& ldquo; I have many studios and communication agencies approached and just presented me with, "Hi, I'm Eileen and this is my job. you want a conversation? ". That still works best, you really meet people. When Max in April also started his own business, we have also gone together MacDonald. Animation is now very popular and Max help me with making animations. In the future we want more come out under one name & rdquo;.

Illustration of Eileen Boeijkens a Parisienne by bike

I like that you are such a creative bunch. you also inspire each other in your work?

& ldquo; We complement each other, the two of us to offer customers more. Moreover, we pick each other out of our comfort zone. Sometimes Max comes up with a particular pose for a character I'm working on, which I would never have themselves. And I have some ideas for his animations which he had not thought of. In our free time we go regularly drink coffee anywhere and take our sketchbooks along to scribble random as good & rdquo;.

What have you been doing last year for projects?

& ldquo; For Manure Magazine I could make a picture every two weeks at a ratio of growth and I made illustrations for the magazine KoffieTcacao. So nice to see in the store are printed work then! One of the most fun projects was Juuve. This is an app for car sharing, which allows people to rent their own car and share the neighborhood. I could thereby completely loose with illustration and animated the Max & rdquo;.

Illustration of Eileen Boeijkens Margharita

What is your dream as an illustrator?

& ldquo; It would be super cool if Max and I agree to make an animated doodle Google! And also I would like to do more commercial projects as an illustrator where you really get the freedom to do what you want. In Juuve was the case. Furthermore, I think it is great to make short films with Max, for example, a humorous animation. So we can continue developing our next commercial projects. Now I'm already settled quite work, including women. I always found it difficult to draw people, they were often too detailed for my taste. So I started to build female figures from circles. First as a free work, but also ask companies to that style, such as animation & rdquo;.

Illustration of Eileen Boeijkens woman on roller skates

"My goal is to make colorful and cheerful designs and the world a happier place," you write on your website.

Some illustrators put much load in their work and behind a profound concept. If you can, that is of course very nice. But I believe that it does not all have to be so melancholy. You can just enjoy something beautiful best. Illustration is such a nice box that does not have so heavy. I try to work this in mind and thus make life a little better & rdquo;.

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Other wallpaper designs and accessories made for Eileen Perron 11:

  duvet volkswagen van in Eileen Boeijkens forest  cushion with volkswagen van Eileen Boeijkens


Illustrations: Eileen Boeijkens

Text: Jennifer van der Meer