Interview with illustrator Eline Krus

subject a few years made an illustrator foxes Red Riding Hood. I spoke with her about her work and you want to show what she is now.

Eline lives and works in Leiderdorp. & Ldquo; In an apartment with lots of plants and a very cool view of Leiden & rdquo ;, she says. & Ldquo; because I live on the 9th floor. The skies are so beautiful. I make regular pictures & rdquo;.


Eline came through the Graphic Lyceum and a detour via the Audiovisual Department, visit the Illustration program at the Art Academy in Breda. & Ldquo; I felt much more at home. As a child I drew a lot because all super. If I was then from school drawing the first thing I did & rdquo.; Now she follows the BIK, a short post-graduate training to give workshops at schools. & Ldquo; If illustrator work a lot on yourself & rdquo ;, she explains. & Ldquo; I missed the contact with other people. Through volunteering I learned about giving workshops to children and I really enjoy doing. On this course you will learn how a professional workshops at schools, but you can also apply to adults later. Great fun, I also met so inspiring new people again. "

Illustration of Eline Krus

Jungle Animal

Fortunately Eline addition to her studies still time for illustration jobs. She says: & ldquo; The last time I was commissioned a birth. I had a good click with people and am very happy with the end result. I also worked on and label mate tea. That is a kind of lemonade drink that they drink a lot in Germany. In this case it is a German company that wants to make a move with the taste of coca leaves. In February it goes into production. I could make it to the bottle label; an illustration of a Peruvian jungle with all animals in it. Coca leaves are in fact widely used in Peru & rdquo;.


When Eline made her wallpaper designs Perron 11, she said she got her inspiration from folktales. Is that still true? & Ldquo; Yes, that inspire me still, but I am currently a little less conceptual than before. Folk tales say much about a particular culture and often take place at an existing site. The place really exists while the story is largely fictional. The contrast between reality and fiction I find interesting & rdquo ;, Eline says.

Schetsboek of Eline Krus

Snow in summer

& ldquo; I also get a lot of inspiration from nature. I love to walk. On holiday I like to go backpacking, and then I get ISOLATED inspired by everything I encounter. Weather it also play a role. So we went hiking this summer in Austria. At one point it started snowing a lot, while the heart was summer. That was very special, we walked into our shorts by the snow. All such experiences I save in my memory and some things than diving later in my drawings & rdquo;.  


I know Eline especially her beautiful hand painted illustrations. They send for Christmas every year a magnificent ISOLATED Illustrated Christmas card. She explains: & ldquo; I find it very relaxing to work by hand. You've been so much behind the screen and it's fun to experiment with. Yet I work lately do more with your computer. That's faster. Needlework is very time consuming. With digital work you know better what is going to be the end result & rdquo;.

Christmas cards Eline Krus

Etsy shop and travelogues

Eline has a Etsy shopwhere you can buy her illustrations as prints. & Ldquo; I want to expand this even more products. I really like to make product illustrations. Currently I'm thinking about making pillowcases and I want to experiment with porcelain paint & rdquo.; Nice plan so. What is there more to come? & Ldquo; My friend wants to write a book about the people he met during his travels through Eastern Europe. He then lifted a lot and has also been heading by car. I would love to get him here together and illustrate stories & rdquo;.

Illustration of Eline Krus Tour through Europe by car

Want to see more work by Eline? Take a look at her website   or visit her Etsy shop!

Some other wallpaper design, wall stickers and accessories made for Eline Perron 11:

Wall Decal fox with butterfly Eline Krus  Wall Sticker Princess with frog Eline Krus  poster wallpaper Red Riding Hood Eline Krus Little Red Riding Hood duvet cover by Eline Krus


Illustrations: EmiKrus/Eline Krus

Text: Jennifer van der Meer