Interview with interior designer Marije van Belle Maison

Marije is interior designer to a thriving business, Maison Belle. Wondering how they proceed when giving advice on interior design? And what can mean an interior designer for example your children? We interviewed her!

interior designer Marije Maison Belle at work
Already at the age of 17 Marije began to study marketing and communications. After completing this training, she ended up in the banking sector as a financial advisor. Giving advice she found great fun to do, but the restructuring of banks she was sitting at one point. Therefore, she decided to turn her passion into her profession and to train as a decorator. Meanwhile Marije has a thriving business, Maison Belle, and gives them interior advice.

How did you find out that you wanted to be an interior designer  

& ldquo; My husband and I are young themselves started an owner-occupied. Our first house we have refurbished together and it went so we put after a while our house on the market and started looking for a new project. I was still working in a bank, so we did it in our spare time. We were together so much fun to do, buy new houses and refurbishing that the move jitters are going to hear us.
I was often asked in my area to think of renovations and interiors because they were so beautiful our house. We had already moved a number of times and we always made it with little money and a lot of creativity of something beautiful. I had my financial work, but am in my free time has been more concerned with growing, restyle, empty houses and advise.When I realized that I really had more to do with it. I like this very much, I find great advice, just want more & rdquo;

And then?
& ldquo; When I made the decision to leave the bank. That was four years ago. I first looked at what direction I wanted and I'm going to do a course interior. I wanted to have the background knowledge, I also think it is important that I can show that I am on a certain level. The training I finished at breakneck speed! I worked hard, I was full time doing. But I so enjoyed it & rdquo;

By now you have your own business, Maison Belle. What does Maison Belleexactly?
& ldquo; actually quite simple: we provide advice on interior design and create interior designs for homes and businesses. We offer several packages with our services. Some people think it costs thousands of euros to enter an interior decorator, but that's not true! An advice starts from 95 euros. For example, we charge € 400, - for a complete, detailed advice collage and sketching. This is a very comprehensive advice where the client can perform everything with & rdquo;.  

Interior plan draft Marije Maison Belle

How does it work? Suppose a customer asks for your help because he/she wants another device. And then?
& ldquo; I actually prefer going out to the people along. Then I teach them really know personally and I can see the house well.  

Then I decide to work with the desired atmosphere using atmospheric images. I ask to search the client pictures of interiors that he or she likes, whether it does or does not fit in the house. I let the husband and wife often do apart from each other, you will receive soon a lot to see. But I can, when I see those pictures, draw a line. I find the style that appeals to them.

Then we see together whether it is correct and whether the atmosphere is indeed what they wish. If that base is there, we will continue consultations. We started with the style that suits the customer.
If this style is set, I continue with a design. What is funny is that I have a very different view of the house than the customer. I walk in and I see and observe the space. I see for example that only by another arrangement of the furniture, the space of the room more convenient. So I make out a plan that fits the house.
If it's good we have the plan and the atmosphere collage. If all is ok, we make a plan. This plan is very different for each customer. For some customers, I'm only an advisory with other customers I'm going to step to buy the furniture. So sometimes the customer will get to work, sometimes I stay involved until the end.

Usually, I'm really proud of the result and how we worked enthusiastically. Sometimes people carry out exactly what I recommend, but that's no problem. Sometimes arises when jobs still a very new idea. For me it is important that the customer feels really nice in the new interior. The best thing to hear afterwards saying: "We have consulted and are proud of what we have made of ourselves. This is the house that suits us. " If the residents are happy with the result and again feel fine in their own home, then I have achieved my goal & rdquo.;

Next week we post Marije's tips for decorating children!