Cats wallpaper animals especially wallpaper

May I introduce you to some new wallpaper figures: the street cats Fats and his friends! They were all like pattern wallpaper, but from November 19 is also available as loose wallpaperfigures of approximately 32 x 32 cm. And ... they are water-loving cats!

Wallpaper without glue

The developments in the land of the wallpaper are certainly not quiet. Recently I ran into a kind of wallpaper that needs no glue to stick. Since these animals are printed on wallpaper. You make the cat simply wet with water, place them in the right place on the wall, rub with a sponge and go! Fine detail: PVC-free (of course, in our opinion!) And printed with environmentally and kid-friendly latex ink


wallpaper animals cat fats and friends


Original nursery decoration

You can paste directly on the plastered or painted wall hangings cats. Also a great idea is to paste them on a painted MDF panel by way of painting. And you're creative and handy with the jigsaw, stick one or more cats than solid MDF and cut them along the edge off. So you create in less than an hour a super fun and original nursery decoration!

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