Nursery inspiration in spotlight at Lisette!

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery of Lisette.  

"The Owl Family tree wallpaper surpassed all other ideas."

How did you end up at 11 and Perron did you choose which wallpaper?

"I came to your site because I Google Images' owls wallpaper or something was typed like that. I did not know exactly what I wanted, so have a night on the network wanted and when I looked through through a wall owls wallpaper. and then I thought, oh, yes, I was also super nice and then I go looking for owls/trees etc.

I have ordered from your 'tree wallpaper Owl Family "because it surpassed all other ideas what I saw before. & Eacute; n as it was for the baby's room and we do not know the sex. I found suitable for both a boy and a girl. We now have two boys and if it was a girl, I can loose with soft pink accessories. It may also in my opinion there are at. Nice features so! "

Wallpaper Tree in combination with timber nursery    


How was cut (and paste)?

"The cut I have one evening done with my brother sounds.   might be crazy, but he's so I asked if he and/or my sister wanted to help work been pastry and rather fine terms with his hands.. was a nice job and we have not been received within two hours. But I've never once worked on such a good hour and then was cut everything. Cutting out the way left us really good, so we quickly stopped. you quickly feel you collation and that would be a shame.

Paste   look right at first, but then it goes very well. And it struck me everything that you could collect it and then still got stuck again. Ideal! "

What is the room further adapted?

"When I am the tree once the rest had itself came naturally. I went to a specialist for home and interior, and I have chosen the colors for the walls. Then the curtains. There could qua curtains a lot, eg . with fun dots or so, but for a chosen plain fabric. And a linen fabric, which is always too tight. I wanted to keep it mostly quiet since the furniture already "crowded" by the different colors of wood. the furniture we had six years ago when our first son, but they come z & oacute;.! Really surprisingly different " 

Wallpaper Tree in combination with timber nursery hip and original

Are you happy?

"We are very happy !! It's really a sweet, nice, quiet nursery! And you get a big smile when you look at those sweet owls family. Now the accessories wait for the window frame and then it really off. you thank you so much! thanks to your site all the ideas have come actually. It's also very nice to see all the other rooms in the photos submitted. "

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