Children's inspiration samples in the baby's room

We always like our wallpaper customized for clients. For this client, we made the poster wallpaper Ploe and Monster Pals so that it fits on the wall and all artwork on the wall out well between the furniture. Before that it had some slides with illustrations, as there was for example. A cabinet in the right corner. And samples that you obviously want behind the cupboard, so we just made a new composition.

A sample chamber surprise

This customer had previously wallpaper bought from us, and now they came back. However, this time not for herself, but for her pregnant sister. Who wanted to surprise them by wallpapering the entire nursery and to organize, on a day that zuslief was out the door. Because she knew her sister would get a boy, she chose a sample chamber with our samples Ploe and Monster Pals. Although that however tough monsters, they are funny and sweet enough for a baby's room.

nursery wallpaper sample with atmospheric images and pictures


adjust wallpaper with reference to a drawing,

Prepaid customer had carefully considered what furniture would come true and measured everything. Using a drawing, we could adjust the wallpaper customized composition thereon. Was one of her wishes to coat the inside of the wardrobe with the pattern of the hills. A mini wall sticker Neomonster in the closet, completed the picture. The accessories in the same color as the yellow chair, fabric plane, the cacti and yellow shoes make the room more complete.

Afterward wrote the customer: "It is well done with the wallpaper, I can do it alone and it went very smoothly, the room is now finished and we have Sunday ' unveiling party ' kept my.. sister and her friend were very, very happy and felt it was amazing! Everyone was impressed ofthe wallpaper! " Since we are naturally very happy, but we feel the room become perfectly with the matching accessories.

Do you want a sample room for your son?

We have this monster poster wallpaperin different variations, but we can also tailor the wallpaper. In addition, we wallpaper pattern with monstersand sample wall stickers. Knowing more? Place a comment below or contact contact us