Nursery inspiration: a nursery full of cats

The cats wallpaper Fats & Friends Eunice conjured the baby room of her son Rover into a warm and cozy nest. Furniture in matching colors make the room complete. Join me and get inspired!
"The baby room is the best place become our home!"


How did you end up at 11 Perron?

Eunice: "After searching for a long time in stores and on the internet was the courage sunk us in the shoes: it did not look like we would ever find ultimate backdrop for our baby room. Nothing we liked everything looked alike. It was "typical" boys wallpaper or too sugary & hellip; We did one last lap on the internet and suddenly there was Perron 11! We saw the cat wallpaper Fats and Friendsand there was no doubt: this wallpaper made the room of our small cats boyfriend totally complete '
cat nursery of robber with cats wallpaper

How was the wallpaper paste?

"My friend and father have the wallpaper pasted on the wall. If I am to believe the wallpaper team that went super well and so it actually looked like. The wallpaper was handling well. As always, my father very precise and neat proceeded, and with the excellent assistance of dear friend was so job done. "


Do you have any other products purchased from Perron 11?

"We have ordered a matching wall sticker cat Lapoog Lizoland when Rover was born, which we have stuck to the window of our living room . That was easy. The sticker is still there, because we still find it too cute! If we remove the sticker off, we hope to sticking it back on the shelf in Rovers room. We also have to design a matching birth. Picking out a birth announcement was in fact just as ' s task as finding beautiful wallpaper. So when we approached Jennifer. We had some specific requirements for the text and the cat drawings, but otherwise we have Jennifer given a free hand. We were quickly on how the final ticket should look like. Jennifer has advised us very well and was open to our ideas and desires. "


What is the room further adapted?

Rover has the smallest small bedroom of the house and we wanted this room would be the best place in our house. And it worked! It was this way and that, but & ndash; again - the help of a very useful grandfather has become a practical, but especially wonderful cozy room. One wall features the cats wallpaper and the other walls are freshly painted white. Furthermore, we have been in terms of color in the atmosphere of the wallpaper: the changing table we chose blue ocean and the cot is petrol blue. Both furniture spruced by & ndash; there he is again! - my father. There is also still a high, narrow cabinet with a door yellow ocher in the children's room. Here and there we have added some fluorescent orange accents. Inspiration comes mainly from ourselves and here and there we have some ideas gleaned from magazines and stores. "


Are you happy?

"We are very pleased Perron 11: original design, good service and nice quality!"

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