Nursery inspiration: children with squirrel wallpaper

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery Ton.  

"wallpaper Eekhuis determined the layout of the room."

How did you end up at 11 and Perron did you choose which wallpaper?

"By chance or fate Anyway Google has helped us on the way Through a search term such thing as original wallpaper".  ... We arrived at the site when it was quick We chose it. . eekhuis or in the words of our daughter. "Mama and baby squirrel are visiting grandmothers wallpaper immediately appealed to us: original, cheerful, beautiful colors, not too busy and great for a girl's room, we were looking for a wallpaper. because But when we saw this backdrop, the decision was quickly made the room immediately gives a warm feeling. Finally, we also painted the other walls in a taupe color that nicely matches the wallpaper. we have long strawled internet.. "


How was the wallpaper?

"With bated breath we posted the first tracks against the wall. Afraid of luchtbobbels, an adjoining drawing, release paper. The stick, but he miraculously easy. Even if you are not born handyman. The wallpaper is tight against the wall . We get even compliments! "

children's nursery room wallpaper girl


What is the room further adapted?

"The wallpaper has finally determined the layout of the room. We had not thought of before, it is in this way. For example, we bought a squirrel lamp. And tree branches on the wall form a peg above the commode. Brown color of the tree returns to the curtains and the cabinet, pink in the cupboard ".  

wallpaper nursery nursery room squirrel girl pink


Are you happy?

"Absolutely. We had not previously thought the wall would be so beautiful. And it was so easy to stick on the wall. Let's hope it stays long spared paint, markers and dirty fingers!"

wallpaper nursery nursery room squirrel girl pink

(Note: The wallpaper of Perron 11 can be cleaned with a wet cloth Stains of dirty fingers are thus to be removed.!)

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