Children's inspiration: sample children's wallpaper and paint chalkboard

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery of Wendy where she was a super nice playroom with our sample nursery wallpaper  and blackboard paint  

"I have rarely ' s easy to stick experienced wallpaper pattern"

How did you end up at 11 and Perron did you choose which wallpaper?

Wendy: "At Google I was looking for ' '. special wallpaper We chose the sample pattern wallpaperand two monsterwall stickers, the children's playroom. making a choice was hard. It was the question of whether we for, but a more expensive type of wallpaper, went choose, or at least for something cheaper . Because it is not as much wall and we found this one really lot of fun, we chose the nursery wallpaper sample.  

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How did it stick?

"Super easy: I rarely ' s easy witnessed stick pattern wallpaper simply because it does not arrive on the edges and super strong so you easy which can slide etc. And nice clean related wall gluing in. instead of the wallpaper itself. You actually even wallpaper table anymore! "

What is the room further adapted?

"We have two additional samples purchased as wall stickers to let back in the room. And we're going to use leftover wallpaper to the inside of a bookcase. The children tinkering with the other leftovers. the wall next to the pattern wallpaper sample is dyed with blackboard paint it is, finally, a games'.  


Are you happy?

"Yes, we are very happy! It's super fun and we get compliments from everyone!"

children's room wallpaper samples wall sticker     nursery wallpaper samples wall sticker


What do you think of the children's playroom of Wendy? Leave your comments below  

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