Kids Inspiration: Sample wall stickers

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery Thea where they signed a gorgeous beach for our sample wall stickers  

"I think the monster wall stickers amazing, they are tasty tough".

Thea: "I have participated in a giveaway on facebook of Beeezz I wall stickers Perron 11 have won I was looking for something nice for the bedroom of our son 4. I immediately liked the sample wall stickers already. great, I love color and they are tasty tough Our son had to choose and went straight for the monster wall stickers, it was some doubt what exactly but he nevertheless chose six:. Ploe, Luigi, slapie, Neo, Slurfer and Buzzy.
But then ..... just stick on the wall is not fun, so I "brainstormed" with my son. I said had to attend the samples still somewhere and had claimed him in a lifeguard house (I think that idea comes from a Spongebob episode).
On the internet I looked like a guard house and painted on the wall with paint. And then he could choose which monster that came about. Paste was pretty easy, though sometimes frolic briefly with some long limbs. It is now six months on and it fit perfectly  
We have furniture from wood scaffolding so that everything fits, the opposite wall is green with roads and car stickers. That does not fit together but my son loves it and I have no desire to paint all over again a wall five meters after 2.5 years so that's when he's older again. All in all I am very happy, I get a lot of nice comments and we think Monster Beach house very successful! "

Monster wall stickers wall decoration diy beach

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