Nursery inspiration poster wallpaper in purple and blue

Customers can surprise us every time with the wonderful things they do with our products. Rooms are very nicely decorated, include a real DIY project or special in some other way. For inspiration have a look in the nursery of Ellemieke.  

"I sat with a purple curtain, but it had to be a real boy's room"

How did you end up at 11 and Perron did you choose which wallpaper?

"The room of our daughter had to be turned into boys' room. The first child we bought all the furniture so new and almost everything now went to her new room. All that remained was a purple blind. The commode and the crib for our son, we got used to my sister, so this time we were out cheaply. But because I felt that he had to get a nice room if the decoration so that more attention and money.

Thought it was so nice to give the room again really a new look. The room is not very large with a chest of drawers and a bed I did not use it, so it seemed like a wallpapered as eyecatcher a good idea. Google and some sites impression I got the wallpaper with the canal houses on and was actually sold directly. Especially because there were opportunities to make adjustments in color and size. I was, after all, be a purple curtain, but it had to be a real boy's room. After email contact proved my wishes possible. The color purple combined with blue and houses adapted to the corner of the wall and taking into account the air conditioning to the ceiling. As soon as there was a design that was perfect after minor modifications and completely fulfilled my wishes. "

Children purple blue boy nursery     Kids blue purple nursery aircraft


Went wallpaper paste difficult or easy?

"The paste was as simple as had been reported at the site. The wallpaper is very practical and well marked as jobs on a roll. Even in an old house where the walls are not all right, it's us as inexperienced pleasers well done to get everything then. "

What is the room further adapted?

"In conjunction with the second dresser and bed has become a very quirky little room where the wallpaper is absolutely become the eyecatcher. After I ordered the wallpaper I like lighting bought a lamp in the shape of an airplane, made the room completely finished ".  

Children's nursery purple blue house     Kids canal houses aircraft wallpaper

And the birth?

Before we had picked out the wallpaper we were it not even a birth. But when the wallpaper was once chosen, that choice was made. As we frame the birth I wanted the same size card as the location for our daughter. This was also, although the site no standard, no problem. Again, consult quickly a great design and super good and personal service to its delivery. We still get very nice reactions from both the room and the birth. "