Kids Inspiration sample chamber wall stickers

in the nursery Samples too narrow? No, tough guys sleep fine in a real sample chamber! Especially in a room with sample Ploe and his companions, because hunting is precisely the really scary monsters on your way. With some (large) wall stickers magic nursery easy to cool sample chamber. How? Join me in the room Loek!

Collage of sample chamber wall stickers

Big monster wall stickers

Sometimes customer questions cause some wall stickers come earlier in the collection. So the mother asked Loek me recently if we could make a large wall stickers of vehicles of the samples, as they also sample Ploe poster wallpaper are. I sat there thinking a while to make wall stickers of the aircraft, the monster and the monster clubhouse and so I put some momentum back.

Homemade duvet cover and pillowcase

Loeks mother's choice fell on the sample plane, the observation tower and a number of separate samples. We also had one monster cuddly cushion the Woonbeurs (specially made for us by Suzzig), which also received a nice spot at Loek! Loek mother made myself a nice matching duvet cover, changing pad and a bulletin board at. Along with this cute crib and changing table we find the particular become a super fun and original sample chamber! Loek is himself delighted with his new toddler room. And we naturally find the most important thing!

A sample chamber?

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