Off behangtak owls

This month a special offer: wallpaper tree with two little owlsin the colors brown, blue, green (as do-it-yourself cut package) .From 31.50 to 27.50including shipping. Moreover, you also get a free bag of wallpaper glue when t.w.v. 5, - Euro

Christmas? papered nursery!

Are you expecting a baby in the new year? Whether you want to give the kids a little refurbishment? Then the Christmas holiday is obviously the ideal time to get started! This branch of beautiful woven wallpaper magic the nursery or toddler room in an instant into a cozy and charming room.

Create your behangtak

You can leave behangtak from the right ' ', grow as the picture, but you can also turn the branch so you can paste it on the left side of the wall. The owls and flowers namely sitting separately on a sheet tightly woven wallpaper, so you can easily make your own composition. Moreover it that way stick much easier.

This branch is nice to combine with the other trees wallpaper and wallpaper figures from the series Family Owl, for example, the behangtakwith 1 owl, a los sleeping owlor simply a set flowers buy behangtakfast!