Quality wall stickers to stick warranty

Recently, we have also wall stickers collection alongside our self-adhesive wallpaper wallpaper trees and figures. It took a while before we were here myself ready, because we had our preconceptions about wall stickers.   We found them often plastic, they would come after a while the wall etc.


  To our producer this wonderful material found: a matte non-permanent drop line which remains superb. And printed with environmentally friendly ink! Can we convince you?

Wall Stickers with quality

We've already done a lot of tests, and after each test only enthusiastic about our wall sticker material. First of all, it really sticks to various surfaces, even those considered difficult. A jetty wooden crib? I'm fine! About wallpaper with light structure? That is usually not recommended for wall stickers, but ours even slices over fiberglass wallpaper. Okay, a gespachtelputste   wall then goes out (but what Repeatedly there have to sit?), But otherwise stick wall stickers to almost any reasonably flat surface.  

The Woonbeurs we had three samplewall stickers pasted on the wall. My son could not stand that she   after the stock market week   would end up in the garbage, so I stuck to the wall stickers on a piece of plastic, it and stuck them rolled up the next day on the wall of his room. And ... they stick perfectly still  

The advantages of our wall stickers in a row  

- matte appearance with light structure makes them not plastic look (wallpaper-look)

- drop the line structure allows pasting guaranteed without bubbles are

- easily repositioned

- stick on wide variety of substrates, including some difficult

- remain long (with adhesive guarantee, if stuck on a reasonably flat surface)

- removable. This is possibly easier to make with a hairdryer. Each non-permanent adhesive is more permanent over the years. By heating, however, the glue becomes liquid again, and is easier to remove

- printed with environmental and child-friendly water-based ink according to special process

- respect our wallpaper figures: they are cut neatly delivered to the contour and tack higher so more substrates are possible

Well, our wall stickers are indeed slightly more expensive than the stickers from some other providers. But then you also have a nice, nice workable wall sticker good quality and, moreover, remain paste warranty  

Are you convinced? Pay any wall murals we currently havecollection! Still not what you are looking for? We are expanding our collection in the near future further, so like to come back again.