Fun find: notebooks of old wallpaper

For years, I have a soft spot for retro wallpaper. With me in the attic is also a whole set of really old, but some great vintage wallpaper. I used earlier, when I was fresh out of art school, as collage material in large autonomous drawings that I made then.

Now I make my own wallpaper, old wallpaper which lies there. Actually sin. No, the German paper label June and Augustfound a better place for such a pretty little retro wallpaper. They give them a second life as a cover of this beautiful handmade notebooks.

The nice thing is that each book one a beautiful, handmade label is created and there is in (only if you would like to have before). What I really happy word: the interior is made of FSC certified paper - thus environmentally friendly - and they used cellophane as packaging which is biodegradable


While I of course most fall in the ' ', wallpaper books are also great notebooks with a cover of old maps and old books. The booklets are available at interior shop Also href="" in purple andcost € 6.95 each. Now just think of who I as '! N beautiful wallpaper book will donate