Red / blue balloon pattern wallpaper nursery

  • Material:Non woven
  • Application:Simple, paste
  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • Width of roll:50 cm
  • Roll length:9 meters
  • Matching edge:Yes
  • Pattern:Yes
  • Delivery time:5-10 days
  • Return deadline:14 dagen
  • Code:949

Price: €92,50 for 1 roll(s) of 9 meters



Red / blue balloon pattern wallpaper nursery

This adorable children's wallpaper with balloons is fun in every boys and/or girls room! The pattern with balloons and calm colors, this is a great children's wallpaper to brighten up the room, without being too busy. Dream with your child on a trip in a hot air balloon!

Additional information

Baby Furniture baby wallpaper Holland theme

The wallpaper with balloons in red white blue for the nursery fits well in many rooms of the house, but certainly in the nursery. For example, create combine a nice Dutch children through this red white blue balloon wallpaper with our wallpaper figures of delft blue canal housesour wallpaper figure of a Delft blue bike!

Balloon baby wallpaper in different colors

This baby wallpaper is also available in other colors, namely as baby wallpaper with soft pink balloons. So you want instead of a red white blue nursery, a real nursery for girls? Check out our quick air balloon wallpaper for the nursery in pink.

Wallpaper Utrecht in conjunction with balloon wallpaper

It is also good to combine this baby wallpaper with balloons our poster wallpaper Utrecht! Bring your kids to the city!

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