Customization bulb nursery

  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Delivery time:2-3 weeks
  • Designer:Jennifer van der Meer
  • Code:8044

Price: €89,95 for 1 pieces



Customization bulb nursery

Lampshade for children, tailor-made to suit our wallpaper.

Do you wallpaper ordered from us and you want to finish your child's room with a beautiful lamp? Or you can find illustrations or patterns of our wallpaper fun and would you like in that style like a light bulb? Then we have the ability to design a matching lamp special for your room! Scroll further down to the size and performance of a lamp belonging to this price. For other sizes and designs we like to make an offer .

Additional information

The lamp is performed as follows:

- lampshade round with a diameter of 30 cm and height of 25 cm

- lampshade PVC covered with wallpaper (fireproof) on the outside. Choice of interior white, silver or gold.

- a tough stijkijzersnoer color choice: red, white or black. In addition, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, light blue, purple, brown and beige case may be possible depending on the actual stock from the manufacturer.

- associated fitting

The plates are only an example sketch for inspiration. You can choose from our entire collection of wallpaper and wall stickers in terms of graphics and patterns. I make then as a design much like that of the wallpaper. For example, a pattern of auto ' s a row of this car is ' s coming to get around the lamp. Want a different design, it can also, but can recover design costs.  

After your order we always by mail contact you about your wishes. Once we have the design you will receive a sample by mail. If you agree, we will produce the lamp.    

As far as the customization and making the handicraft lampshade, the delivery time is longer: Allow 3 to 4 weeks


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