Customization Project: canal houses wallpaper home

One of our clients was actually looking for porcelain figurines of Amsterdam canal houses on the mantelpiece, but stumbled in his quest for our canal house wallpaper. And so he came t that I was completely customize the gray canal house wallpaper for the fireplace in a unique monumental Amsterdam pawnshop.

own street Wallpaper

The houses were to be greatly reduced, as it were, so that they would be on the chimney. But reduced the original eight small buildings, meant that there would be left to the side room. Room enough to handle the pawn shop and a number of neighboring houses of the client in the design! A nice sign project, because there are beautiful little houses in this street.

In the picture you see the result. The customer is very happy with his new coated chimney "This specific to my house designed wallpaper on my mantelpiece has become the eye-catcher of my house!"


Wallpaper with Amsterdam canal houses on chimney

The original canal house wallpaper (gray) can be found here. As you can see you so you along on all sides. Want to know what is possible in your situation? We are happy with you!