Should a girl's room always pink?

I do not think so! Of course, pink is nice and sweet. But there are so many other lovely colors which you can make a real girl's room. This morning I received this picture ' s a customer who furnished a nursery with a few pink accents and our pattern wallpaper Retro Flower gray-green base. A good example of a charming girl's room without a lot of pink.

Cabinet full of rose

Do not get me wrong: eight years ago I was pregnant with my daughter, and long before the birth hung her closet full of pink clothes. Her birth was magenta. I saw my girl for me in a pink dress with pink bows in her hair. The first years they did like to own that image. But then came the cover: pink could relish in her eyes no longer


And then I found out that the best is hard to find nice things for little girls who are not so fond of pink and still keeping things real girl. So since then I like to design for girls in all the beautiful colors out there. And let me love to see a girl's room also can be fun without (or with little) pink. Until I agree ' up in the morning and really feel I have pink, because I have so-now-and-then. And then I make something in pink. Just because it is a nice, bright color!

girl baby green room

What do you think? Pink is the ultimate color for a baby girl? Both in the nursery and in the birth? Or choose you prefer something else? Leave a comment, I am very curious!

And you're curious about the wallpaper Retro Flower green-gray? You can find here.