Wall Sticker panda tree violet blue

  • Material:Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Application:Herpositioneerbaar
  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • In stock:Yes
  • Delivery time:1-2 days
  • Return term:14 dagen
  • Designer:Jennifer van der Meer
  • Code:8221

Price: €59,95 €114,95



Wall Sticker panda tree violet blue

This beautiful wall sticker tree full of animals completes your nursery or toddler room! Sitting on the tree two pandas ' s, monkeys, squirrels, cats, birds, butterflies and owls that you can stick to their own discretion. Shades of purple, blue, green and ocher makes the tree fun for boys but also for girls! Are you pregnant and you do not know whether you have a boy or girl? Then this tree is very suitable for a unisex nursery!

Format tree wall sticker:

x 160 cm high, 100 cm wide (to be created if necessary, with higher extension bergje)

Additional information

Nice big tree wall sticker with happy panda ' s

All parts of this tree (animals, flowers, leaves) are separately neat ready-ready to cut you in two large sticker sheets. So you can decorate the wall sticker tree entirely at their own discretion and make your own unique nursery! Want a quiet tree with only panda ' s or monkeys and leaves or rather just lie many jungle animals? Or do you want a lot of purple flowers in the tree or rather only blue? You decide it yourself. And what do you like about animals or flowers? Then decorate hence a different place in the room, the closet, bed or even the baby bath. Even though our wall stickers non-permanent, stick them on very many substrates (and also remain down!).

The wall sticker package consists of:

- 1 tree of 100 x 160 cm (W x H)

- two pandas ' s

- 2 monkeys
- 4 owls
- 2 squirrels
- 2 birds
- 5 butterflies
- 64 pink flowers
- 69 leaves
- two cats

- two separate windows, one with cat, 1 with squirrel

Everything has been neatly cut machine for you, so do wall stickers only stick on your wall. How to make a super cute panda nursery in no time!

Combine this sticker and make a super cute panda room!

Do you want this sweet panda ' s and other animals also have come back in a different way in the room? Combine this wall sticker tree panda ' s then our bamboo wall sticker panda ' s and butterfliesour purple butterfly wall stickers!

Additional expansion

The sticker tree with panda ' s possible to extend a mound when you the tree can place. Handy if you want to paste the tree higher for example, placing a commode or bed! The boom is thus about 45 cm higher.

Very good quality wall decals

All of our wall stickers are of very good quality. Because they are repositionable, they stick very easily. Nevertheless, they continue to sit down very well! They stick to many surfaces, including flat plastered and gesauste walls, wallpaper, furniture, doors and glass. Even on a less even surface they remain mostly fine paste. Have questions about your base? ask us for advice!

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