Wall Sticker Set Circuit blocks with 6 cars

  • Material:Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Application:Herpositioneerbaar
  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • In stock:Production of order
  • Delivery time:5-10 days
  • Return deadline:14 dagen
  • Designer:Jennifer van der Meer
  • Code:7894

Price: €47,50 for 1 pieces



Wall Sticker Set Circuit blocks with 6 cars

A cute wall stickers set of car ' s and streets for the boys room in petrol blue, mint green and olive green! Be the streets and car ' s stick like this, but because they exist, you can paste it sees fit from loose parts. Paste the wall sticker set as in the example, it is about 130 cm wide and 80 cm high.  

Cute as a single wall stickers in the room, but also to combine with our   car wallpaper  in the same color.  


Additional information

Wall Sticker car and road pasting

The sticker set circuit is easy to (almost) every stick surface. Like all of our wall stickers are of high quality stickers. Because they are repositionable, they stick very easily. Want the streets or car ' s still stick else? That can afterwards yet. Nevertheless wall stickers continue to sit down very well! They stick to many surfaces, including flat plastered and gesauste walls, wallpaper, furniture, doors and glass. Even on a less even surface they remain mostly fine paste. Do you have questions about your ground   ask us for advice! Or l ees more about pasting wall stickers.

The sticker kit Circuit teal is made to order

After your order is our production right away to your wall stickers. We make it clear to order, with a professional production company in the Netherlands. So we reduce our global footprint: less inventory means less waste, less transport mileage, no child labor and fair wages  


Expand with another car or wall stickers wallpaper

Is your son a real autofan (and the little boy is not?), You can optionally combine these muurstickerset different car lampor carduvet. Do you prefer a different color? We have these muurstickerset car ' s in other colors  !

Reviews and ratings of our wall stickers

Want to know what our customers think of wall stickers Perron 11? Click here   reviews   and   reviews ! Wall stickers


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