Muurstickerset XL Crane, helicopters and clubhouse

  • Material:Self-adhesive vinyl
  • Application:Herpositioneerbaar
  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • In stock:Production of order
  • Delivery time:5-10 days
  • Return deadline:14 dagen
  • Designer:Jennifer van der Meer
  • Code:8344

Price: €134,99 for 1 pieces



Muurstickerset XL Crane, helicopters and clubhouse

Set of large wall stickers with crane, helicopter and 3 a clubhouse (or site office). With cool camouflage pattern and sturdy denim blue, cognac, olive and army green colors.

Formats wall stickers:

Crane: 217 x 144 cm (hxw)

Clubhuis: 196 x 60

Helicopters: between 32.5 x 20-49 x 31.5 cm

Additional information

Set of large wall stickers crane

This set of super large wall stickers of a crane, helicopters and a construction trailer you make a real statement on the wall. How to make a tough boys room in an instant! The unique material we use, our wall stickers are very easy to stick, they and they remain very good, even after some time again easily without leaving any residue and damage to remove the wall. They are also easy to stick in that they consist of several parts. In addition, as the show discretion spread over the wall. The set is designed to be placed beside and above the changing table, bassinet or crib so that the show covers an entire wall. But you can also distribute several walls stickers! Let your imagination run wild and create your own composition!

Good night dear helicopter!

The design of this wall sticker is telling a special place in the collection of Perron 11. designer Jennifer: "The design for this muurstickerset I was originally in a different color just before my son was born, his nursery was a. very small room, I still wanted to make a nice and tough guys' room. that's why I painted the room white, with one wall in green color that matched the (then) color of the helicopter. the commode was on the wall that obliquely front, above the helicopters, the crane and the clubhouse it fit exactly when my son was six months old, he was fond of the helicopters he always looked at their eyes and when he was a little older, we had a set bedtime routine...: before he went to sleep all the helicopters had to be said goodnight. Then he went to sleep. "

Our wall decals: easy to stick, sustainable and honest

Our wall decals are different than those of our competitors. Therefore, they also fall into a slightly higher price. But you'll get back the following:

- our wall stickers are really easy to stick (read how she sticksand what other customers find our wall stickers)

- our wall stickers are repositionable and many times without residue or damage removable. In many cases you can even move along!

- they are deliberately produced in the Netherlands. That means fair working conditions, no child labor, less transport and thus a smaller global footprint!

- they are pushed with latex. That's better for your child and the environment. And the colors remain another gorgeous!

- they are cut to the contour. So do not interfere with transparent or witrandje around it.  

- they are ultra-thin, yet strong, making them not thick ' top ' the wall appear to lie.

- they have a nice matte appearance