Just a little different than usual: pig nursery with wallpaper

Tamara wanted a baby room that 'little bit different than otherwise. " And we believe them as extremely successful. The pig wallpaper and ocher and pale pink accents they made it really special nursery. Wondering how to tackle this? Read on!


Baby Room Inspiration special nursery with pig wallpaper customer photo

How did you end up at 11 Perron?

"I met the pig wallpaper. I was hooked! "

What did you like about the pig wallpaper?

"I love anyway forest animals. Therefore at that time also the fox wallpaper struck me immediately. Foxes but of course you get a bit more often on wallpaper, and I wanted something different for our baby room. And because in the name of my friend, the word 'pig' appears, made the pig wallpaper for our extra special. "

cradle with piglets nursery wallpaper

How did pasting wallpaper?

"I liked wallpaper very nice to work with, because it was very tight and absolutely ripped. I was therefore papered fine on my own the room. I am a stylist and I therefore have the necessary background experience. That saves course, but the quality of the wallpaper certainly played a role. "

How did you further room furnishings?

'The style is a little vintage, but not too much. The baby cot and chair come from the family. On Marketplace, I found an old pine wardrobe and an old chest of drawers I restored myself. I also used a lot of wood. In terms of color, I chose a combination of ocher and pink. It may seem a bit like everything has just picked together, but the colors, furniture and accessories are all aligned. "

Babykamer inspiration side in zwijntjes room

How did you go to work?

"It was the pig wallpaper base where it all started. Soon after I came to the boar's head that you can hang on the wall and fit perfectly of course! I also really wanted to use yellow as ocher color and additionally I love wood. I was there so soon that the basic ingredients needed to be. In my work as a stylist do I normally always a whole plan for the layout of a room, but I just did not do our own nursery. The ideas emerged gradually, as a natural process. It has become a kind of collective story that has spread over a few months. "

Children's inspiration seat with cushion in room zwijntje

Are you happy with the end result?

"Yes, I am very happy! It has become a room with a unique style that you do not come across very often. Also about 11 Perron I am also very satisfied. The wallpaper came in fast, was neatly sent and as I said it was papered super easy.

Kids Inspiration vintage cabinet