New construction: what do you do with the walls?


Is your new house completed soon, then you are faced with a choice: what to do with the walls? Often, the walls will be delivered 'ready to wallpaper. That sounds easy: like wallpapered out and ready you might think. But mostly disappointing. Wallpaper Ready generally means that there is still best to be done to the walls before they are flat enough to decorate.

Yet but first plastering then? However Plastering is no easy - or if you outsourced - cheap job. And since the walls of a new house still work causing cracks can occur, not everyone dares to. There are several other options, such as the walls syringes or hung with glass-fiber wallpaper (also known as glass non-woven wallpaper) or renovascular fleece. Usually the walls will get a structure.

Smooth walls Easy Plaster

Do you still more beautiful, smooth plastered walls but plastering for you too costly job or too much hassle? Then there is good news. Recently, namely consists Easy Stuc. That's a reno woven wallpaper, but completely smooth and seamless. The result looks like stucco, but it's a lot cheaper and is quickly and easily on the wall. And of course what we see as the biggest advantage you can get over it hung with ordinary woven wallpaper and wall stickers stick on fine! Also a great option so for children.

smooth walls with easy and after that stucco gesaust

Wall Decals by Easy Plaster

A handy do-it-yourselfer can Easy Plaster renoweb application itself, but you something less convenient if you have not much time, you can also leave the job to professionals Easy Stuc. It is therefore still gesaust in any color desired. Once the paint is dried properly, we recommend to keep this two weeks, you can our wall stickers directly onto the web reno. Because our wall stickers feature a special 'dots' glue, let them afterwards also again be easily removed and even move if you want. A question we often receive from customers or not damage the reno woven wallpaper. In most cases this will not be the case. While wall stickers adhere very well even after a long time, they also easily without damage to the surface are. Of course, the conditions also play a role. A lower quality paint will give more particles to the wall sticker and if you have pasted wall sticker when the paint was not completely dry can happen. But usually it goes well.

Our wall stickers can fine on a substrate as Easy Plaster

Wallpaper on Easy Plaster surface

If you prefer a wall of the children in your new housewallpaper, then Easy Plaster also an excellent base. Provide all walls with this reno fleece sauce and then white or a beautiful shade that matches the wallpaper that you have chosen. Then bring on the Easy Stuc on one wall the woven wallpaper *, with which you of that wall is the focal point of the room!

The difference between non-woven wallpaper, fiberglass wallpaper and fiberglass wallpaper

The terms non-woven wallpaper, and glass non-woven wallpaper (or glass-fiber wallpaper) are frequently confused with each other. However, there are big differences! Glass Nonwoven wallpaperconsisting of fiberglass and can be used well in poor walls. It can eliminate cracks and holes. It is available in white, but can be painted in any color. The glass fibers it may cause allergic reactions. Reno Vlies (or renovation fleece) is a user and environmentally friendly alternative to fiberglass wallpaper.Nonwoven wallpaper(also non-woven wallpaper) consists of a plurality of layers: a layer of paper or vinyl and a fleece backing. It is therefore very strong, but should improve poor walls. It is mainly used as decoration.

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Wall with Easy Stuc and then gesaust