Sienna Gold, surprising color 2016

Each year calls Akzo Nobel, the parent company of the paint brand Flexa, the Color of the Year out. For 2016 the selection of ocher gold was a warm ocher hue with a hint of gold. A special color, with many more options than you might suspect at first. Do you dare?


All that glitters gold

Home accessories in copper tones were popular a few years, but now you can also see the color gold both are appearing more in the interior and on other fronts. In all key trends for 2016 are gold and gold shades for. Not only in the new residential collections, including fashion and beauty is the next year all gold that glitters!

Warm and a little chic

Akzo Nobel refers to the color ocher gold at the past and the color of the earth. Did you know that gold is wealth and power and yellow mainly associated with sun and light? Sienna Gold in your home not only provides warmth and cosiness, but gives your room a subtle chic effect. And the nice thing is that you can apply this color in many different living styles.

Collage of gold ocher color combinations and accessories

Gold combinations

The new color ocher gold is available from Flexa as a high-gloss, satin gloss and wall paint. Gold leaves are otherwise excellent combination with other colors. What do you think of gold with pastel shades like pale pink, mint green and ice blue? Lets bring you a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the room. Do you prefer a little more neutral, then you can. Soft earth tones go because too well with ocher gold. In Figure 1 above shows which combinations Flexa Flexa made with different paint colors in ocher and earth tones.  

Accessories gold

Like gold on your wall just a little too much, you can also enjoy plenty of golden ocher gold accessories. With a few lights, a fine plaid, cozy cushions or a fine picture or mirror frames and highlights the magic every room in no time into a warm and cozy spot Or go looking for an ocher gold furniture such as a stool or a chair. There is plenty of choice in the year 2016! So we found at Pouf Enzo super cute knitted ocher golden puff  ( figure 3). Looks great in your living room, but also fun for the kids! Create   you love something yourself? At the fine interior blog & SUUS we found a very nice golden ocher wall cabinetto easily move (figure 2). You will also find tips to apply gold ocher in the nursery. Definitely worth a visit so  

Gold on the wall in the children's or teenager's bedroom

Maybe not immediately obvious, but you can apply the color gold fine in the wallpaper in the nursery. Especially for girls with style we designed the wallpaper 'I love shoes, "in which real gold is. It is a very cheerful poster wallpaper with a wall-filling pattern of golden shoeson a pastel pink background (Figure 1 below). For true fashionistas who want to go with the times!

For smaller children and baby ' s we love ocher gold with chocolate(3). Whether you want one of our other wallpaper designs ocher gold in this new trend color, or even with real gold it processed? We are also all custom and are happy with you, so please contact us to discuss your requirements  

wallpaper Perron 11 with gold or gold ocher
Text: Nathalie Rooze, Grusgrus Tekstproducties