Mural Paris tailor

We have our photo wallpaper Paris standard in two color variations, but you prefer a different color? With us you can! Because we are a design, you can not only buy our papers in a certain standard, but we can we make your custom photo wallpaper. Let us know what colors you have in mind and we fit your personal Parisian wallpaper to your wishes. Of course, you always receive a trial design, your wallpaper will not be printed if you are completely satisfied. And another size? That is no problem. We are not just a crop or scale the Parisian houses on, as do other providers of photo wallpaper, we make it really custom. We move so the illustrations until all the wallpaper fits neatly on your wall and watch care that the composition remains beautifully balanced. It is necessary in order to sign with a house? Then we do it!

Wallpaper Paris

One bedroom, teen room or study with Paris theme, how nice is that? Wallpaper one wall with wallpaper pictures of Parisian houses and imagine yourself completely in this vibrant city! Our non-woven wallpaper is of very good quality, which you simply stick on the wall. Also doing well for themselves inexperienced decorator! So you no magic afternoon you room for your own Parisian street.

Poster Wallpaper City of Paris with Eiffel Tower

Special nursery or nursery wallpaper wallpaper of Paris with Eiffel Tower in pastel colors. See all children's wallpaper offerings here!
Price: €289,95 11 m2

Poster Wallpaper city of Paris with Eiffel Tower # 2

Mais oui, Paris! This wall mural with its gorgeous Parisian homes turns the children’s room into a super trendy and original play paradise.
Price: €289,95 11 m2