Poster Wallpaper cheerful houses with patterns girl chamber

  • Material:Non woven
  • Application:Simple, paste
  • Wipe off:Yes
  • Colorfast:Excellent
  • Width of roll:50 cm
  • Panels:8
  • Pattern:No
  • Matching edge:No
  • Delivery time:5-10 days
  • Return deadline:14 dagen
  • Code:7888

Price: €289,95 for 11 m2

Take the exact size of your wall and make it about 10 cm wider to prevent that it is falls short with slightly sloping walls, ceilings or small measurement errors. You can simply cut off the wallpaper when it is too much.



Poster Wallpaper cheerful houses with patterns girl chamber

How gay is your girl's room with this sunny wallpaper houses! The wallpaper is standard 400 x 270 cm, but we can also adjust the wallpaper on the size of your wall. Other colors (possibly. Other patterns or even houses) are available (see below for more info)!

In the first picture you see the full wallpaper. Picture 3 and 4 are cut-outs.

Additional information

Wallpaper for real girls

Do you have a real girly-girl running around at home? Then this poster wallpaper with houses attached what her! Pink, pastel blue, green, yellow and purple: Girls are usually fond of and which colors are reflected in this wallpaper. On the poster wallpaper are four different houses. All of them are made up of different patterns, as if they are cut out several pieces of wallpaper. In the background is a soft blue cloud pattern fronted by a shining sun. The chimney of second homes are cheerful flowers. This wallpaper on the wall imagine your girl in her own (dolls) City! So she can get her nice fantasy run free as she plays in her room.

Sizes standard wallpaper

The default size of this wallpaper is 400 x 270 cm (width x height).

From the ground measured the highest house (including chimney and flowers), 192 cm high. The street is from ground to homes 35 cm high.

Each cabin is approximately 1 meter wide. So if you want to paste a small wall and the wallpaper you want to halve any houses,   keep it in mind.

Customized wallpaper

Do you have this wallpaper on the size of your wall, you can do so for an additional charge. This costs 85 euros extra for a wall t/m 12m2. For larger wall there is a surcharge per m2 at. Also, color matching is possible. Get over the exact price for your wall.

When we make custom wallpaper, we not only scale the illustration on whether we make a cut like many providers poster wallpaper. We comb if necessary adjust the position! So we ensure that all of the fun parts of the illustration out nicely on your specific wall. Sometimes it is better if there are 3 or, conversely, 5 houses on coming your wall, or that there are more air comes in proportion. Whether the sun somewhat larger or smaller. And a sloping wall or dormer? No problem! Our designer always looking at what is the best solution for each specific situation. Before the final draft to the printer will get you always see a digital prototype design, which still corrections are possible.

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