Blackboard Wall Stickers

Unfortunately, they go out of our range, the chalkboard stickers. Shop Now therefore the last chalk stickers with huge discount. On Sale!

This blackboard chalk stickers or labels are cut from black with chalk writable non-permanent vinyl. This material is easy to stick on without creating lasting bubbles under the blackboard stickers. And our blackboard sticker is water-resistant so that the chalk is so very easy to pick up. Super fun so much character!

Photo of chalkboard wall sticker with drawing boy by Perron 11

Chalkboard Sticker Star

Set of 7 chalkboard stickers of 6 stars and 1 moon. Fun for your bedroom or kitchen.
Price: €9,95 €27,50 1 pieces

Chalkboard Sticker Small Castle

Let your imagination run wild with this chalkboard sticker Castle and sign him with windows, princesses, knights, flowers, vines and animals. Order now!
Price: €9,95 €22,50 1 pieces

Chalk Sticker cat Strepol with fishbone

Chalkboard Sticker of a cat with a fish bone. Nice to chalking and easy to clean wall decoration. For endless drawing pleasure!
Price: €9,95 €39,95 1 pieces

Chalkboard Sticker Shark

You want the boys room a cool boy's room? This chalkboard sticker of a shark is a cool wall sticker. For endless drawing pleasure!
Price: €21,95 €44,95 1 pieces


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