School notebooks set of three sample notebooks

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Price: €9,95 for 1 pieces



School notebooks set of three sample notebooks

School notebooks on one side space to draw, on the other hand space to write

Going to school is like our school notebooks for young children! This set of three sample notebooks with samples from the series Ploe and Monster Buddies are fun to use or to give away as an original birthday present. This package includes three notebooks (see pictures). One with sample Neo at the front, one with all the sample bump on the front and one with a number of samples in a tough monster truck on the front side. The rear is cheerfully illustrated (see the first picture left) The inside is all three school notebooks same and includes a line right pages to write on and left room to draw.  

This school notebooks are also available.  

Note: above is "€ 9.95, - for one piece." The price of € 9.95, - applies to a set of three pieces of  

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