Tips for a fun unisex nursery

Do you not know if you expect a boy or girl? It is quite difficult to set up the nursery during pregnancy. Lots of wallpaper, wall stickers and nursery accessories are in fact very specific for a girl or boy. How do you point the baby's room so that's that cozy, intimate room is what you dream of, but which is also suitable for both girl and boy  

Unisex baby's room Tip 1: a neutral base that can complement

If you choose a neutral basis, you can get the room once your baby is decorating with cute cute boy or girl accessories. And no, this does not mean that you should let the white nursery. Unless you do really love naturally. There are plenty of colors that are both fun for girls and boys (see below for tips), that helps you paint one or two walls. Or choose (also) a great, or wallpapered wall sticker in a neutral color. So we have a unisex wall sticker treeyou can supplement afterwards, for example blue or pink stickers. And you do that in a snap, which of course is very nice when your baby is born. Because you usually do not really sit waiting for big jobs  !  

unisex baby room with sticker wall tree Perron11

The fun wall sticker tree is that you can easily replace the stickers. You then paste the first unisex stickers in the tree as above. Once you have a real girls or guys will make tree, you get some stickers easily and without damage to the wall and replace this with stickers in a different color.  

girls with nursery wall sticker tree Perron 11

And so you have after birth in an instant a real girl's room  

boys baby room with sticker wall tree of Perron 11

Or a boy's room  

Unisex baby's room Tip 2: a black and white base

Black and white is always an exciting combination and if you apply some subtle in the nursery, this is a very nice base for the unisex nursery. Nice is one wall to be painted a contrasting color. This can possibly do after birth if you want to make it really boyish or girlish. See you at odd jobs after birth, then paint one wall such as gray, green or yellow as a contrast. Or leave the walls white and fill the room after birth with colorful typical girls 'or boys' accessories. Also fun: go for a black and white or gray-white wallpaper. This gives the room right mood.  

gray foxes white wallpaper in the neutral unisex baby room

Unisex baby's room Tip 3: green

Green is a very nice color for the nursery. Green calms and gives people usually fine and feeling good. And you would do in the nursery   Additionally, green fun for both boys and girls. Also fit many other colors in green, so you would like to add some pink or blue accents after birth, you can do fine. Or would you prefer a different accent color? Think of a yellow, purple, orange or red. Is there also fine in  

wallpaper gray green retro flower Perron 11 in the children's room

In addition, there are many different shades of green that you can put a very different atmosphere. With a little more greyed green you keep it quiet and subdued, while apple green makes for a cheerful note in the room. Compare the picture ' s above and further below. Whatever mood you go    


children with green apples and pears wallpaper caterpillars Perron 11

Unisex baby's room Tip 4: wood, rattan and leather

Natural looking wooden and rattan furniture create instant atmosphere in the unisex nursery and both boys and girls room quite appropriate. Especially when the foundation holds more neutral, gives the natural look of the furniture to heat the room. There are lots of nice furniture for sale in wood or rattan. Fine of this furniture is that they are everywhere. If you still pink paint the room in a year because your toddler girl turns out to be a big pink fan? No problem. Whether your growing toddler wants a cool boy's room? Also this fits perfectly. Also learn accents in the form of accessories give a room atmosphere and are very nice boys and girls. What do you think of a stack of leather suitcases from the thrift store for storing toys? Also a wooden floor provides atmosphere. If you choose to let the walls neutral white, you still wooden floor creates a warm atmosphere.  

jungle wallpaper toucan with wooden furniture and leather suitcases