Trends 2017: Toucan and jungalow

Have you spotted him the toucan? Suddenly he pops up everywhere: in fashion, on quilts, pillows, mugs, clocks, cards, wallpaper. 2017 is the year of the toucan! In your home is super fun toucan. For example, in the nursery! But in other rooms misstaat this bird absolutely not. He fits perfectly into the current trend Jungalow. We made a collage of all toucan accessories for both your child and yourself! More about jungalowtrend? Scroll then some further!

collage toucan accessories for your child and yourself


The toucan accessories moodboard

1. Lamp Toucanfor children, Perron 11

2. Toucan duvet, custom first-personPerron 11

3. Wallpaper Toucan, Perron 11

4. Large Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bag. This cool bag with vintage toucan can be used for vanalles and also as a diaper bag! target="_blank">

5. Your baby will naturally & uuml; perhip baby to swim in this Iplay Swim Diaper Lime Toucan

6. Party? Choose your course for these toucan balloons RevelandCo

7. How cute does your small it later in this shorts Ana & iuml; s Toucans 110 Lily Balou
8. This plush toucan is handmade in Greece by ERGANIweaving but they ship worldwide. Available through Etsy.

9. This square clock fits perfectly into the jungalow trend! Acrylic Idea Factory.

10. Vintage opwindvogel of Suite22
11. This is Toucan Charlie! A great item in your baby's room! - From Scalae available include Leo le Pirate

12. Toucan bib, available as a set with baby leggings in the same print. Saturn Ines World Shop on Etsy
13. Toekan cushion35 x 35 cm of Perron 11

14. Downloadable paper toy of 7Toys. Gauw downloadso and crafts but those kids!

15. Beautiful card with toucan Telegramme .Nice to send or to frame and hang as painting in the children.

Jungalow Trend and Toucan

The toucan does not come from nowhere. Birds and flora have long been frequent guests in the interior and recently there than jungalow trend. Transform your interior to your personal jungle! Green is hot this year, not only for color wallpaper, paint and accessories, but also in the form of plants. The houseplant place you do not (only) in one corner, but you put them now in great numbers and in unexpected and creative places. create lush and layered, which are key to this. Combine all this green with bright color accents, patterns and (old) stuff you already own a personal mix. That old vase your grandmother and cushion with ethnic print that you took from Tanzania? That place you're beautiful in sight! We go for a bohemian look with their own story. To ensure that the whole is not too busy, you will choose a broadly neutral light background.

Jungalow Trend in the nursery?

This is also possible! Most people want to keep a degree of peace in the nursery and definitely a good starting point. But you can also make a fine jungalow children without being too busy. It is important that you choose in advance for a harmonious color scheme. Green has a calming effect on people and therefore on children. A fine color so for children. Plants and nature have the same effect and the same goes for images of it! Choose also a matching neutral shade such as gray green, white, gray or brown, plus one or at most two accent colors to liven things up. Choose one wall where you want to emphasize. This wall you decide to choose the atmosphere of the room, for example, a striking backdrop.   Our jungle wallpaperfits completely into the jungalowtrend. The other walls you paint in a neutral tone. Choose furniture in natural materials (scaffold) wood, or paint the furniture you already have in tough gray or a greyish hue. With accessories in accent colors and shades do then off the nursery. And houseplants? The children go hence different course than in the living room. Lush plants scenes seems unwise here. But small children can best put a smaller plant in a closet or windowsill. And put in school children and adolescents can be fine one or two larger plants in the room. Choose immediately for a air purifying copy. Also a nice idea for the kids!

gain more inspiration? Check out our jungalow board on Pinterest!

What do you think of the trend and the toucan jungalow trend? Like something for the kids or just for around the home